Rupert and Delbert about 1910
Delbert and Rupert, year unknown
Reprinted with permission from "From Whence Came The Colebanks", Warren
Colebank, copyright 1989, p. 283
 Rupert Charles Colebank was born June 17, 1908 to William A and
Minnie Castor Colebank on their farm near Baird, Nebraska. The
family moved to Newbury, North Dakota,  where Rupert attended rural
grammar school. He was 13 in 1922 when the family moved to Hixon,
BC, Canada. Rupert was in the first group of students to attend the
new log school.
Dorothy Garlick was born September 28, 1918 to George and Anne
Basily Gemmell Garlick at Vernon, BC. Dorothy attended grade school
in Coldstream, BC and high school in Vernon. Rupert and Dorothy
met near Vernon, BC in August, 1939. They were married October 19,
1940. They had a quiet wedding with two attendants in the All Saints
Anglican Chapel in Vernon, BC.
 Rupert and Dorothy lived in Prince George from 1940-1941, and in
Sugar Lake and Lumley, BC from 1941-1942. Rupert served in the
Canadian Army in World War II. He was the father of two children
when he enlisted in July, 1942. Dorothy and the children went to
Coldstream to live. Rupert’s tour of duty was in Canada and England.
He was discharged in 1944.  
After the war Rupert and family lived in Lumley and Lavindon in the Salmon Valley. In 1951 they moved to Hixon,
BC. In 1953 they bought the 160-acre farm Rupert’s great uncle Andrew J. Colebank had homesteaded in 1914.
They fixed up the original log house built by Andrew, addced a large4 kitchen and lived there 25 years. When
Rupert retired he sold the farm and bought 7 acres south of Quesnel where they lived for 10 years.
Rupert made a living farming, logging and working on road construction. Dorothy worked in a tree nursery for a
few years after the children were grown. Rupert played the violin for dances in Hixon and Woodpecker. Dorothy
liked knitting and did a lot of sewing while raising a family. They attended the Anglican Church.
Rupert died March 8 1990 at age 80 in Quesnel, BC.  Dorothy then moved to Ashcroft, BC.

The children of Rupert and Dorothy Garlick Colebank are:

Barbara Joan – born May 8, 1941 in Prince George, BC, Canada. She married Wilfred Rae Laviolette.

Phyllis Anne – born May 31, 1942 in Prince George, BC, Canada. She married Ambrose Berard Giesinger

Florence Diane – born January 3, 1944 in Vernon, BC, Canada.

Donald Charles – born July 7, 1945 in Vernon, BC, Canada. He married Gwen Marie Nance.

Wayne Ernest – born August 4, 1950 in Vernon, BC, Canada. He married Cheryl Ann Warkola.

Elizabeth Joy – born June 8, 1953 in Prince George, BC, Canada. She married Stanley Thomas Morrison.

Linda Dorothy – born March 27 1955 in Prince George, BC, Canada. She married Brian Theodore Seitzer.

David George – born May 7, 1956 in Prince George, BC, Canada. He married Kathleen Elizabeth Laidlaw.

Christopher Rupert – born December 29, 1957 in Prince George, BC, Canada.

Evelyn Colleen – born March 18, 1959 in Prince George, BC, Canada. She married Paul Allen Gouin.

Keith William – born April 30, 1961 in Prince George, BC, Canada.

Karen Elaine – born August 15, 1962 in Prince George, BC, Canada.