PETER COALBANK, father of
                                                      SAMUEL COALBANK, father of
                                                      SIMEON COLEBANK, father of

                                   ALEXANDER COLEBANK

 Alexander G. Colebank was born April 1845 to Simeon and Minerva Monroe Colebank near Point
Marion, Pennsylvania near the West Virginia state line.  He was just a baby when his parents moved
to a farm in Brookville township in Franklin County, Indiana. It is likely that they traveled by steamboat
from Point Marion to Indiana via the Monongahela and Ohio Rivers.
 Alexander grew up in Brookville Township and on January 2, 1868 married Susan E. Sicklar. Susan
apparently died giving birth to son Charles M. and in 1870 Alexander married a local girl by the name
of Elizabeth (Lizzie) Marshall, born March 1846. They lived in Brookville Township about ten years and
their boys Scott Walter or Walter Scott and Perry were born there.
In the 1880 census they had moved to a farm in Crosby Township in Hamilton County, Ohio. It was
here their daughter Nora was born. The 1880 census listed a "Lolla", age 6 (born in Indiana) and a
William, age 1 (born in Ohio) as Alexander's children but descendants tell me these were not his
children. Nora's daughter Alice was raised by her Uncle Scott.
 In the 1900 census Alexander, Elizabeth and their son Perry were living on a farm in Rose Hill
Township in Johnson County, Missouri. Alexander and Elizabeth retired in Independence, Missouri,
where they lived out their remaining days. They are buried in Lee's Summit Cemetery, Lee's Summit,
Missouri, the same famous historical cemetery in which the Younger Brothers are buried.

"From Whence Came the Colebanks", Warren Colebank, copyright 1989, pg. 74

The children of Alexander Colebank and Susan Sicklar were:

Charles M. Colebank -- born October 1, 1869 in Brookville Township, Franklin County, Indiana. He
married Annie Elizabeth Wagner on December 17, 1875 or April, 1876. They resided in Jackson,
Missouri and had children Harris, born September 1896, Evert (Everett), born June 11, 1898 in Lee's
Summit, died June 1973 in Holden, Johnson County, Missouri, Juanita or Oneta, born 1905, Ottilent,
born 1913 and "Okle", born 1916. Charles died April 28, 1937 and Annie died in 1955. Everett married
a Missouri woman named Opal, born June 20, 1903. They had a daughter named Mabel, born in
1921. Everett was a farmer. Opal died in Lee's Summit on January 2, 1993. (See
Charles M. Colebank

The children of Alexander Colebank and Elizabeth Marshall were:

Walter Scott Colebank -- born 1871 in Brookville Township, Franklin County, Indiana. He married Ida
Bell Coy. They lived in Center Township, Vernon County, Missouri. They had a son Ernest S., born in
1896 or 1897, who married Nellie _________, born about 1901, and a daughter Alice, born around
1915.  Walter died in 1950 and he and Ida are buried in Lee's Summit Cemetery, Lee's Summit,
Missouri. (See
Walter Scott Colebank page)

Perry Garfield Colebank -- born May, 1881 in Brookville Township, Indiana. He married a woman
named Nellie Ellis, born around 1893, on February 27, 1914 in Independence, Missouri, and they
lived in Lee's Summit. Perry was a laborer for the Missouri State Highway Department and Nellie was
a cook for a tea room. Perry died in 1948.

Nora L. Colebank Smith -- born in 1875 in Crosby Township, Hamilton County, Ohio. She married Elzy
or Elry W. Smith, son of Winfie and Jane Smith, born 1871, on February 3, 1892 in Independence,
Missouri. Their children were Freddie E., born in 1893, Elmer L., 1894, Charles H., 1896, Winfield S.,
1897, Gladys L., 1903, Eldon F., 1906, Herschel W., 1907, Melissa E., 1910. They lived in Sherman
Township, Cass County, Missouri in 1910. Nora died in June, 1914 and is probably buried at Lee's
Summit Cemetery where her husband is interred.
Perry Colebank Marriage License