Bernice Eloise Colebank was the last of eleven children
born to L S and Martha McIndoo Colebank. She was born
September 24, 1911 on their farm 4 miles west of Madelia,
Minnesota in Madelia Township. When Bernice was 5, her
parents moved to their retirement home in Madelia.
Bernice attended all 12 grades of school in Madelia. She
graduated from Madelia High in 1929. Bernice grew up in
the Church of Christ and this is where she met Ray.
William Ray Roof (known as Ray) was born February 24,
1908 to Guy and Daisy Larimore Roof in Cedar Township
near Freemont, Iowa.  Ray attended grades 1 through 10 at
Freemont and 11 and 12 at Madelia High School where he
graduated in 1925.
Bernice and Ray were married September 24, 1930 at
Willow Creek near Amboy, Minnesota, at the home of
Pastor Rowland Wilder. Bernice and Ray lived near
Madelia until the spring of 1931 when they moved to rural
Garden City, Minnesota where Wayne and Lois were born.  
In the spring of 1935 they moved to Paradise Point, a
summer resort farm on Union Lake near Erskine,
Minnesota. This is where their 3rd child Bernice was born.
Their next move was to their rural Fertile, Minnesota farm in Woodside Township across the road
from the Maple Lake Church. This is where Bill (William) and Bud (Lowell) were born and where they
raised their family.  The children attended the rural Hillside grammar school. Bernice and Ray lived on
this farm for more than 50 years. Ray’s parents lived with them until their deaths in 1952 and 1959.
Bernice and Ray were 4-H leaders and active in both the 4-H and Farm Bureau activities. Bernice
was a life-long member of the Royal Neighbors.  Ray served on the Hillside school board and the
Fertile fair board. Ray farmed all his life, ran a summer resort at Union Lake and was a seed
company representative for many years. Bernice and Ray were long-time avid gardeners, raising
vegetables to sell as well as for their own use.
Bernice learned to play the piano early in life through the encouragement and example of her sister
Olive. Bernice and Ray were members of the Church of Christ in Madelia and of the  Church of Christ
in Crookston, Minnesota since moving to Woodside. Bernice wrote the Fisher Family Letter for 30
years (Ray’s grandma), the Colebank Family Letter and was the family communication center
keeping her children, nieces and nephews informed.
Ray entered the Riverview Nursing Home in Crookston and died on March 23, 1994. Bernice died on
October 28, 1999. Both are buried in Concordia Cemetery, Fertile, Minnesota.

The children of Bernice and Ray were:

Wayne Roof - born November 21, 1931 in Garden City, Minnesota. He died at birth and is  buried in
Riverside Cemetery in Madelia.

Lois Jean Roof - born March 19, 1933 in Garden City, Minnesota.  She married Lee Wallace Haggerty
on January 15, 1955 in Moorhead, Minnesota. Lee retired from Russ Honda/Buick in 1994 after 41
years as parts manager.  Lois retired September 30, 1998 after working at West Acres Development
in Fargo for 25 years.

Bernice Ardelle Roof - born May 1, 1936 at Union Lake near Erskine, Minnesota. She married Glenn
Orlando Solberg on May 9, 1959, and they live near Gully, Minnesota. Glenn was a union steward at
the Land O Lakes plant in Fosston for many years and  Bernie was actively involved in many
community organizations for most of her adult life.

William (Bill) Ray Roof Jr. - born April 16, 1938 in Woodside Township, Fertile, Minnesota. He married
Carol Luverne Kitchel in Ada, Minnesota in 1965. Bill retired from the Army in 1989 as a Lieutenant
Colonel. Bill died of cancer on February 15, 2003.  He is buried in Fort Snelling National Cemetery.

Lowell (Bud) David Roof - born August 23,  1939 in Woodside Township, Fertile, Minnesota. He
married Dorthy Mae Hares on February 29, 1964.  Bud worked for the U. S. Postal Service from 1966
until his retirement in 1992.

Copied with permission from "From Whence Came The Colebanks" by Warren Colebank, copyright
1989, p. 182.
JAMES COALBANK, father of,
L S COLEBANK, father of

Bernice as a child
Ray and Bernice, year unknown
Ray and Bernice on their 60th
wedding anniversary, Sept.
24, 1990
Bernice and Ray, year unknown
Ray Roof Obituary
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Bernice Roof Obituary
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Ray and Bernice with their children Bernie,
Lois, Bud and Bill in front. 1942