Reprinted with permission from "From Whence Came the Colebanks", copyright 1989 by Warren Colebank, p. 101
Clara Belle Colebank was born to L S and Martha Jane McIndoo Colebank on
August 28, 1885 in Milford Township, Iroquois County, Illinois. John McDoaner
Strean was born to John and Nancy Strean on August 10, 1886 in Perrysville,
Indiana (14 miles SE  of Danville, Illinois). Having the same name as his dad, the
family called him "Doan." At work he was "Jack". Clara grew up in Crescent
Township, Iroquois County near the Woodland Store. At age 16 Clara and her family
moved by train to a farm four miles west of Madelia,  Minnesota.
Clara, age 24, and Doan Strean, age 23, were married in St. James, Minnesota on
March 3, 1909. They farmed for 3 years near LaSalle, the first year in partnership
with Clara's brother John. Lincoln Roll had moved to Oregon and was writing
glowing reports about Oregon to his friends and relatives. Clara's Uncle Ellet and
Aunt Martha both married Rolls, so Clara and Doan likely heard about the letters.
Clara's brother John and her cousin Robert Colebank moved to Oregon in 1910,
and Doan and Clara followed in 1912. Lucille was 3 and Clara was expecting baby
Evelyn who was born soon after arriving in Oregon.
Doan got a job at the paper mill in Oregon City where Clara's brother John
Colebank was employed. Doan worked there for 10 years. This is where Evelyn,
Lila, Sanford, Maxine and Elma were born. In 1922 they moved to Fernwood, 5
miles east of Molalla, where Delmer, Ervin and Kenneth were born. Doan worked in
a saw mill and in the woods falling trees. Fire  destroyed the family home in 1931.
In 1932 Doan built a home in the nearby Elwood community. Doan raised chickens,
hogs and kept two cows for meat and eggs for the family. Clara and the children
worked in the berry fields and picked hops in the summer months. The family
enjoyed music and participated by singing and playing instruments at local church
and social functions. The family attended the little church in Elwood, and the
children were baptized in the Oregon City Church of Christ.
Doan died of heart failure on August 25, 1944 in Colton, Oregon at the age of 58.
Kenneth, his youngest, was 18. Doan is buried in the Bonney Cemetery two miles
northeast of Colton, Oregon. Clara lived 21 years beyond her husband's death
enabling her to see all her grandchildren grow up. Clara died in Portland, Oregon
on March 22, 1965 at the age of 79. She is buried with her husband in the Bonney
Cemetery in Colton, Oregon.
The children of Clara and John were:

Lucille Doris Strean - born 1909 in LaSalle, Minnesota. She married Jess D.
Shepherd. She died April 7, 1963 in Port Angeles, Washington.

Wilmer Doan Strean - born 1911 in LaSalle, Minnesota. He lived only one day.

Evelyn Frances Strean - born 1912 in Oregon City, Oregon. She married
Herbert Shepherd. She died December 3, 1979 and is buried in Ocean View
Cemetery in Eureka, California.

Lila Burnett Strean - born 1914 in Oregon City, Oregon. She married Louis A.
Belleque. She died in 1965 in Laytonville,  California.

Sanford (Bud) Elroy Strean - born December 13, 1915 in Oregon City, Oregon.
He married Inette L. Sullivan. He died October 8, 1978 in Eureka, California.

Maxine Elizabeth Strean - born January 15, 1918 in Oregon City, Oregon. She
married Oran Ray Main and they resided in Hughson, California. Maxine died
February 26, 2004.

Elma (Deeni) Geraldine Strean - born 1920 in Oregon City, Oregon. She
married Ugene Stahlnecker, a logger and sawmiller. They resided in Colton,
Oregon. Elma died September 2, 2004.

Delmar Edwin Strean - born 1922 in Molalla, Oregon. He married Bertha E.
Barker. He died May 23, 1984 in Port Angeles, Washington.

Arnold Ervin Strean - born 1924 in Molalla, Oregon. He served in the Army in the
South Pacific for three years and lived his last 13 years in California. He died
June 13, 1954 following a tree-falling accident and is buried in Oceanview
Cemetery in Eureka, California.

Kenneth (Kenny) Wayne Strean - born 1926 in Fernwood, Oregon. He married
Vivian M. Barker and they resided in Molalla, Oregon. Kenny died March 24,
Sisters Lizzie and Clara
JAMES D Colebank, father of
L S Colebank, father of

Siblings Lester Colebank, Lizzie Colebank
Strean and Clara Colebank Strean in 1960.
Clara with sons Delmar, Arnold, Bud and Kenny
Martha McIndoo Colebank and her daughter
Clara Colebank Strean
Clara sitting in front of her home, year unknown
Strean brothers with Doan in front
Sisters Lizzie and Clara Colebank