Dale Robert Colebank was born June 13, 1930 in Woodside Township, Polk
County, Minnesota (near Mentor) to Robert and Esther Nasman Colebank. Dale
was 9 years old when his family moved to Tigard, Oregon where he attended
grammar and high school.
Loita Jean Walker was born June 25, 1933 in Boyds, Washington to Frank A
and Pearl Jarvis Walker. Loita attended grammar school in Orient,  Washington
and high school in Kettle Falls, Washington. Loita took nurse’s training at Clem-
eketa Community GL and the State University of NY and became a registered
nurse there. She obtained her BS degree in nutrition at the Donsback University
in Louisiana.
Dale and Loita were married December 13, 1951 in Kettle Falls, Washington.
Their first residence was Tillamook, Oregon where Molly and Kathleen were
born. Dale was minister to the Jehovah’s Witnesses congregation there,
supporting himself as a sawmill worker and dishwasher. Loita was secretary at
the Credit Board.
In 1955 the family moved to Colville, Washington, where Melissa was born.
Dale worked in a saw mill and as a caterpillar operator.
In 1957 they moved to Huron, South Dakota where Dale ministered to a Jeho-  
vah’s Witness congregation. To support himself he worked in a meat-packing
plant, a tank and culvert factory, a service station, on highway construction,
erecting steel buildings, farm work, sold Singer Sewing machines, Fuller
Brush, cut  ice, gave music lessons and played for dances. Loita worked as a
nurse’s aide, waitress and stocking seller.
In 1959 the family moved to Tigard, Oregon where Shannon was born. Dale
worked as a longshoreman and heavy highway equipment operator. Loita
worked as a DHIA tester. In 1963 Dale and Loita began raising dairy goats in
Tualatin, Oregon where Collin was born.
In 1969 Dale and Loita moved to Colville, Washington where they continued
with their goat dairy. Dale worked in a sawmill, laid carpet, gave music lessons,
tuned pianos and played for dances with a family dance combo consisting of
Loita on the bass and piano, Dale on the guitar and Shannon on drums.  Loita
was a DHIA tester and nurse’s aide. Dale built a 5-bedroom house for the
family here in 1969, but disaster struck in November 1971 when their new
home and all its contents burned to the ground. The family had to squeeze into
a 1-bedroom mobile home to survive the winter.
Since 1974 Dale and Loita have lived on an acreage located between Molalla
and Woodburn, Oregon.  Before their retirement, Dale did longshoreman work,
drove truck, tuned pianos and gave music lessons. Loita obtained her degree
in Nutrition and worked as a registered nurse.

The children of Dale and Loita Colebank are:

Mollie Elaine Colebank – born August 30, 1952 in Tillamook, Oregon.  She
married Brent Williams.

Kathleen Ellen Colebank – born September 24, 1954 in Tillamook, Oregon. She
married Jerauld Fangsrud.

Melissa Eileen Colebank – born July 5, 1956 in Colville, Washington.

Shannon Eric Colebank – born April 14, 1961 in Tigard, Oregon.

Collin Ehrling Colebank – born March 27, 1965 in Tualatin, Oregon.  He married
Kim Knapp and they were later divorced.  

Top to bottom:  Brothers Carroll, Wayne and
Dale Colebank on December 8, 1934
Copied with permission from "From Whence Came the Colebanks", p.106, by
Warren Colebank, copyright 1989,.
L to R:  Brothers Lynn, Wayne, Dale and Carrol in Oceanside,
September, 1945.
Esther and Rob Colebank family :  L to R:  Carroll, Esther, Dale, Lynn, Wayne and Rob.