Copied with permission "From Whence Came The Colebanks" by
Warren Colebank, Copyright
1989, p. 107
Daniel and Almeda Bowman
Colebank, year unknown
Daniel Olena Colebank was the 7th child born to Jesse and Mary Lohr Colebank on
October 7, 1873 on their farm in the community of Colebank, Preston County, West
Virginia. Daniel attended rural school #24 in the Colebank community.
Daniel married Almeda Bowman. Almeda was the daughter of Benjamin and Mary
McQuain Bowman born January 17, 1877. Like the two generations before them, Daniel
and Almeda had very little schooling. They acquired survival skills for the remote, rugged
hills of West Virginia, however. The food needed to feed their 7 children was from their
farm. They used horses to cultivate buckwheat, corn, and wheat for food. Buckwheat and
wheat was used for flour, corn for meal, and their cows, hogs, chickens and ducks
supplied milk, eggs and meat.
Life on the Colebank farm was full of work. The girls helped the boys harvest the crops
and learned from mother how to bake. Home-grown vegetables and fruits were canned,
dried and preserved for the winter. Butter was churned to go with the bread they baked on
the wood stove. In the evenings, the family spent its time around the fireside where every
girl, starting very young, learned to sew and quilt. In the fall Daniel and the boys would hunt
and spent many winter days in the woods logging, hauling props, and splitting fence rails.
Their social activities centered around school and church. When the winter snows came
Daniel hitched up his horses to the sleigh and drove his family and neighbors to church
and Sunday school on the top of the hill at the old Shiloh Dunkard Church of the Brethren in
Cove District, Barbour County. Daniel and Almeda were serious parents and grandparents,
not given to foolishness. They were frugal folks. They made a spare, honest living by
clearing and cultivating their farm and forest land, always ready to give a helping hand to
neighbors. Nellie recalls, “We had to work hard but they were happy times.”
Daniel and Almeda were born, lived and died in Preston County, West Virginia. Almeda
died of cancer of the uterus at 64 years of age near the communities of Marquess and
Fellowsville, West Virginia on November 2, 1941. Daniel was a widower for 7 years. He
was living 2 miles east of Fellowsville on U. S. Route 50 when he also died of cancer on
February 29, 1948 at 74 years of age. Daniel and Almeda are buried in the Mt. Israel Church
Cemetery at Fellowsville.
The land passed on to the children, which allowed their bachelor brother Jessie Forest  
Colebank to live on the home place.  The youngest daughter Mary Elizabeth Colebank
Murray purchased the land after Jessie died.

The children of Almeda Bowman Colebank and Daniel Olena Colebank were:

Nellie Grace Colebank- born February 19, 1902 in Colebank, Preston County,  West
Virginia. She married Evert Knotts and they resided in Grafton, West Virginia. She is buried
in Mt. Zion Cemetery, Marquette, Preston County, West Virginia. (See
Nellie Grace
Colebank Knotts page)

William (Willie) D. Colebank – born November 12, 1905 in Colebank, West Virginia. He
married Beverly Barbour, then Edna Sapp. He died June 17, 1980 and is buried in Mt. Israel
Cemetery near Fellowsville,  West Virginia. (See
Willie D. Colebank page)

Jessie Forest Colebank – born March 7, 1908 in Colebank, West Virginia. He never
married. He is  buried in Mt. Israel Cemetery, Fellowsville, West Virginia. (See
Forest Colebank page)

Hazel B. Colebank – born August 9, 1909 in Colebank, West Virginia. She married Jim
Markley, then Bradford Loar. She died of heart disease December 4, 1961 and is buried in
Woodsdale Memorial Park Cemetery, Pruntytown, Grafton, West Virginia. (See
Colebank Loar page)

Decota Madeline Colebank – born November 10, 1910 in Colebank, West Virginia. She
married Ellis Watts, then John Nelson "Johnnie" Moore. She is buried in Bluemont
Cemetery, Grafton, West Virginia. (See
Decota Colebank Moore page)

Daniel Jackson (Jack) Colebank – born March 12, 1912 in Colebank, West Virginia. He
married Minnie Evans. He died July 24, 1971 and is buried in Mt. Israel Cemetery,
Fellowsville, West Virginia. See
Daniel Jackson Colebank page)

Mary Elizabeth Colebank – born October 16, 1911 in Colebank, West Virginia. She married
John J. Murray on March 2, 1931 and they resided in Moatsville, West Virginia. Mary died
March 31, 1990.
The headstone of Daniel and
Almeda Colebank at Mt. Israel
Cemetery, Fellowsville, West

Mary Colebank Murray Marriage Record
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Daniel and Almeda's Marriage Certificate
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