Reprinted with permission from "From Whence Came the Colebanks" by Warren Colebank, copyright 1989, p. 122
Back row, left to right:  Robert, Emma, Pearl.
Front row: George, Elett, Mary, Frank Colebank
Left to right:  Unknown, Mary, Elett, Linda Colebank. Smaller girls are June Colebank Blanshan and
her sister Victoria Colebank Hintz, daughters of Linda and Lester Colebank. Photo taken in 1937.
A young Elett Colebank
Mary and  Elett with unknown grandchild.
Elett and Mary's headstone in Riverside
Cemetery in Madelia,  MN
Mary Virginia Roll Colebank
Elett Colebank was born to James David and Mary Morris Colebank on January 24, 1854 on a farm on
Crooked Run in Monongalia County,  West Virginia, near Point Marion, Pennsylvania. Mary Virginia Roll was
born at Woodland, Illinois in Iroquois County. At the age of 12 Elett moved with his parents to Woodford
County, Illinois via steamboat. At the age of 16 Mary Roll moved with her parents to Minnesota by covered
wagon. The Morgan Young family traveled with them. Emma Young and Mary Roll rode horseback most of the
In 1877 at the age of 21 Mary Roll moved back to Illinois with her parents. Elett Colebank, age 26, married
Mary Roll,  age 24 at Prairie Center, Illlinois on January 18, 1880. James W West, Pastor of the
Congregational Church joined them in marriage. All their children were born on the farm near Crescent City
where they lived for 16 years.
In 1896 they made a long move to Minnesota. Frank was 16, Emma 14, George 12, Robert 10 and Pearl 5
years of age. The first four years they lived near St James on a dairy farm. Emma recalls there were about 30
cows to milk.
In 1900 Elett purchased the John Rels farm in Fieldon Township 5 1/2 miles south of Madelia, Minnesota
where they farmed for 20 years. Elett was a member of the Fieldon Town Board for many years and held other
public offices. Elett and Mary were long-time members of the Presbyterian Church in Madelia. When Elett
retired in 1920 he and Mary moved into Madelia. Elett lived to be 85 years old 59 of those years married to his
wife Mary.
Elett died Friday,  April 21, 1939 in Madelia from the infirmities of old age and is buried in Riverside Cemetery
there. Mary was a widow for 4 years. Their son George remained at home and helped his mother in her last
years. Mary was afflicted with diabetes for several years but was not confined to bed until the last few days of
her life. Mary died at 87 years of age on November 15, 1943 in Madelia. She is buried beside her husband.

The children of  Elett and Mary Roll Colebank were:

Frank Morris Colebank - born 1880 in Crescent City, Illinois. He married Nellie McLaughlin. He died in
Madelia, Minnesota in 1961. See
Frank Morris Colebank page.

Emma Olive Colebank - born 1882 in Crescent City, Illinois. She married A. U.  McLaughlin in 1912. She died
at age 100 in 1982 in Madelia, Minnesota. (See
Emma Colebank McLaughlin page)

George Earl Colebank - born 1884 in Crescent City, Illinois. He never married. He died in 1964 in Madelia,
Minnesota. (See
George Earl Colebank page)

Robert Lincoln Colebank - born 1888 in Crescent City, Illinois. He married Esther Nasman, sister of his
cousin Lester Colebank's wife Linda. He died in Tigard, Oregon in 1960. (See
Robert Lincoln Colebank page)

Bertha Grace Colebank - born in 1889 in Woodland, Illinois. Baby Bertha died at 13 months of age.

Pearl Elett Colebank - born 1891 in Crescent City, Illinois. He married Mary Winifred Bobbitt. He died in 1970
in Madelia, Minnesota. See
Pearl Colebank page.

Ernest Colebank - born 1894 in Crescent City, Illinois. He died at 7 months of age.

Rosabelle Colebank - born 1895 in Crescent City, Illinois. She died at 5 months of age.

A young Mary Roll Colebank