Copied with permission from "From Whence Came the Colebanks" by Warren Colebank, copyright 1989, p. 117.
L S COLEBANK, father of


Elgie Thomas Colebank was born March 4, 1892 to L S and Martha
McIndoo Colebank on their farm in Crescent Township, Iroquois
County, Illinois near Onarga. His parents rode in a wagon pulled by
a team of horses to the Woodland Country Store to buy their
groceries. Elgie attended the rural grammar school in Crescent
When he was 9 years old he moved with his parents to a farm 4
miles west of Madelia, Minnesota. The family moved by train. Elgie's
dad and oldest brother John rode in the train carrying their
livestock.  Elgie rode in the passenger train with his mother, sisters
and other brothers. Elgie continued his grammar school education
in rural school district 4 in Madelia Township.
Elgie married Mildred Esther Morton on December 20, 1915 in
Madelia,  Minnesota. Mildred was born July 4, 1895 in Fieldon
Township,  Watonwan County, Minnesota. Elgie and his brother
Lester worked in the Cement and Tile Factory in Madelia. In 1929
when his job ran out, Elgie and family moved to Mankato,
Minnesota. The children were 13, 11, 9 and 6 when they moved.
Their youngest child James Elgie was born in Mankato. Mildred was
unable to cope with any more children  so baby James was put out
for adoption. A Spence family adopted him when he was 9 months
old. James died in a farm accident in 1935 at the age of 10.
Elgie and Mildred lived in Mankato the rest of their  lives. Elgie
worked by the hour on various local construction jobs he was able
to find. Elgie was a tinkerer and kept his car in excellent condition.
Mildred made artificial flowers and traveled around the state to rural
fairs and gatherings selling them.
Their oldest son Ernest served in the Army in WWII. He lived on
Poplar Street in Mankato and was a custodian for years. Ernest had
epilepsy.He died of a heart attack on June 5, 1963 at the young age of 46. He is  buried in the  Minneopa Cemetery in
 Elgie died in his home in Mankato on August 27, 1962 at the age of 70. He is buried in Minneopa Cemetery in
Mankato, Minnesota. Mildred was a widow for 8 years before dying on April 4, 1970 at age 75.

The children of Elgie and Mildred were:

Ernest E Colebank - born October 24, 1916 in Madelia, Minnesota. He married Edna Mateen, then Ruth Vogt on
December, 1947. They resided in Mankato, Minnesota. Ernest died June 5, 1963 of a heart attack and is buried in
Minneopa Cemetery in Mankato, Minnesota.

Louise M Colebank - born January 28, 1919 in Madelia, Minnesota. She married Alfred Sorem on November 25, 1946
and they resided in rural Windom, Minnesota.

Mabel Colebank - born January 8, 1920 in Madelia, Minnesota. She married Walter Albrecht and they resided in
Mapleton, Minnesota.

Lila May Colebank - born August 12, 1923 in Madelia, Minnesota. She never married. She resided in Mankato,

James Elgie Colebank Spence - born October 27, 1925 in Madelia, Minnesota. He was adopted at 9 months of age.
He died at age 10 in 1935 in a farm accident.
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Children of Louise and Alfred Sorem: L to R:  Alfred, Karen, Eric, Krista, Kristov and Lewis (Mike)
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Mildred Morton
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Louise Colebank Sorem in nursing home in
Loveland, Colorado.
Lila Colebank in St. Peter in March, 1972
Elgie and Mildred
Mildred and Ernest
Mabel and Walter Albrecht
Mabel and Walter Albrecht