(Colonel) Elsworth Thornton Colebank was born September 11, 1862 in Dunkard Township,
Greene County, Pennsylvania.  He married Cora Alice Stewart, born 1868, on December 28,
1892, in Harrison County, West Virginia. When Cora died of typhoid fever on October 3, 1895
Elsworth married her sister Hannah J. Stewart, born December 29, 1870 or March 18, 1871 to
Allen Stewart and Rebecca Jane McFarland.  In the 1910 federal census, Elsworth and Hannah
lived in Knottsville, Taylor County, West Virginia where Elsworth farmed. Brother Clark was
living with Elsworth and helping with the farm at that time.  In the 1920 federal census, sister
Ruhama Grover, age 68, lived with Elsworth and Hannah. Elsworth died on February 21,1929 in
Grafton, Taylor County, West Virginia and Hannah died June 6, 1934.  Elsworth, Hannah and
Richard are buried in the Knottsville United Methodist Church Cemetery, Knottsville, West
Virginia.  Cora is buried in the Oddfellows Cemetery in Clarksburg, West Virginia.

The children of  Elsworth Thornton Colebank and Cora Alice Stewart were:

Lela May Colebank - born in 1894, died of pneumonia in November of 1895, a month after her

The children of Elsworth Thornton Colebank and Hannah Stewart were:

Howard H. Colebank - born in March, 1898

William Allen Colebank - born March 15,1899.  He married Eugenia M. Baumgartner on April
19, 1920. He died July 16, 1953 in Grafton, W.V. of pancreatic cancer. (See
William Allen
Colebank page)

(Lawrence) Richard Colebank - born August 22, 1901. He died at age 17.

(Flora) Alice Colebank - born March 19, 1904. She married Percy Dadisman on August 17,
1922. Percy died in 1939. Alice then married James Nicholas Langan on July 29, 1944 in
Tucson, Arizona. James died in 1959 and Alice died August 28, 1985 in Tucson. (See
Colebank Dadisman Langan page)

Mary "Eva" Day Colebank - born on January 28,1910. She married Hubert Earl Custer.  Eva      
died on October 23, 1973 in Grafton, Taylor County, West Virginia.

Hannah J. Stewart Colebank
(photo courtesy of  Ron Stewart)
Elsworth Thornton Colebank
(photo courtesy of Ron Stewart
Cora T. Stewart
Colebank death record
Lelia May death
record 1895
Elsworth T. and Cora Stewart
Colebank marriage certificate
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Elsworth T. and Hannah
Stewart marriage certificate
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Elsworth T. Colebank
death certificate
Hannah and Elsworth Colebank headstone in United
Methodist Church Cemetery, Knottsville,  West Virginia
Headstone of Richard Colebank in
Knottsville United Methodist Cemetery
Knottsville United Methodist Church
Lawrence "Richard"
Cousins Robert Thornton and
Elsworth Thornton Colebank
Elsworth and Hannah's farm outside Grafton.
(Photo courtesy of Donna Summers)
The Colebank family Bible
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Marriage Certificate of
Elsworth and Hannah
Group photograph of Colebanks. Elsworth Thornton
is on the far right,  second from left is Clark
Colebank. (Photo courtesy of Donna Summers)
Eva Colebank Custer
Eva Colebank Custer
Cora Stewart Colebank
Hubert and Mary "Eva" Colebank Custer's headstone
(photo courtesy of Donna Summers)
Headstones of Cora Stewart Colebank and  
little Lela May Colebank in the Oddfellows
Cemetery in Clarksburg, West Virginia.
(Photos courtesy of Donna Summers)