JAMES D. COLEBANK, father of

Evaline Colebank was born April 29, 1875 to James D and Caroline Hess Colebank
at Onarga, Illinois. She was the 14th child of her father and the 5th and last child
born to her mother. Evaline's father died of stomach cancer at the young age of 48,
three months before she was born. Evaline's mother moved off the  farm and into
Onarga after the death of her husband. She was but 30 years old with 5 children
and one stepdaughter at home. She washed and ironed clothes to support her
family. The children hired out for  work on odd jobs as soon as they were able.

Evaline grew up and went to school in Onarga. One day there came to town, all the
way from  Seattle, a young Albert Larkin fellow recently out of the Army where he
had served 3 years. He got sweet on Evaline and on February 13, 1895 she and
Albert went to Kankakee and got married. Evaline was 19 and Albert was 21. Albert
was born in Indiana in 1874 where he grew up and went to school.

Albert and Evaline made their first home in Onarga. They lived in Champaign, Illinois
when Albert was working for the Central Illinois Railroad. About 19109 they moved
back to Onarga. In 1920 they moved to Hoopston and lived there for 2 years before
returning to Onarga to stay. Albert did farm work, worked in the Onarga canning
company and the Onarga Nursery which was his last job from which he retired.

Evie was a tiny friendly person who had many friends and raised a fine family. She
enjoyed making quilts. She was a faithful member of the Christian Church and
Albert was an elder. Albert died after a short illness in 1947 at 73. Evie was a
widow for 21 years. She suffered from bouts of colitis. In the end she got
pneumonia from which she never completely recovered and died May 18, 1968 at
93 years of age. Evaline and Albert are buried in the Onarga Cemetery.

The children of Evaline Colebank and Albert Larkin were:

Keith Larkin -- born July 2, 1910 in Onarga, Illinois. He married LaVera _____. He is  
buried in a cemetery in Savannah, Georgia.

Kenneth Larkin - born January 1, 1912 in Champaign, Illinois. He married Elizabeth
(Bette) Hall and they lived in Farmer City, Illinois.

Copied with permission from "From Whence Came the Colebanks" by Warren
Colebank, copyright 1989, p. 127.
Wedding painting of Albert and Evaline
L to R: Martha Colebank Roll, Albert and Evaline Larkin
Albert and Evaline's headstone in Onarga