In May of 1867 Grant's father bought a farm in section 31 of
Palastine Township, Woodford County, 3 miles east and 2 miles
south of Eureka, IL for the sum of $600 cash in hand. It was here on
October 7, 1868 that Grant Colebank was born to James David and
Caroline Ness Colebank.
 Grant was 3 years old when the family moved to their farm near
Onarga, IL. When Grant was 6 his father became ill and died from
stomach cancer leaving five children ages 2 through 16 years and
their mother, age 30, who was expecting.
 Caroline moved into the village of Onarga soon after her husband's
death and this is where Grant grew up. His mother was a
self-supporting widow for 27 years, no easy task in those days when
jobs for women outside the home were almost non-existent. Grant's
childhood was not easy. He lived with an Austin family for the work
he could help them with.
 On March 21st in 1890 at the age of 21 Grant married Jessie Adelia
Daugherty, the 20-year-old daughter of Bradford and Caroline
(Carrie) Doane Daugherty born February 11, 1870. Note their first
child was named Roy Bradford.
 Grant and Jessie owned and operated a farm near Onarga where
all their children were born and raised. Grant's hobbie was race
horses which he owned and raced. Jessie loved the arts and music.
Grant was 5'10", sturdy and strong with a fine erect posture. His  dark
eyes danced in expression of his love of life. His love for cars and
horses gave him and Jessie many hours of recreation. Jessie died
January 24, 1931 at the age of 61. Grant continued to farm for 18
more years before retiring in 1848.
  His retirement home was on Walnut Street in Onarga, Illinois.
Grant was a widower for 38 years. He drove his own car until he was
in his early 90s. He lived to be 101 years old and in his 100th year
was still waiting on himself and enjoying the outdoors.
  Grant died April 16, 1969 at the St. Mary's Hospital in Kankakee,
Illinois. Grant and Jessie are buried in the Onarga Cemetery in
Onarga, Illinois.

The children of Grant and Jessie were:

Roy Bradford Colebank - born September 4, 1897 in Onarga,
Iroquois County, Illinois. He died in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa on June
18, 1968 and is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA.

Vernita Dorthy Colebank - born October 6, 1899 in Onarga, IL. She
married Clyde Margray on March 15, 1924. She died December 6,
1978 and is buried in Onarga Cemetery, Onarga, IL.

Pearl Adeline Colebank - born April 6, 1902 in Onarga, IL. She
married William R. Perkinson on May 31, 1924 and they lived in
Onarga, IL. William died in 1981 and Pearl died January 19, 2002 in

Walter Colebank - born May 1, 1904 in Onarga, IL. He married Muryl
Rohrback, then a woman named Henegar, then Inez Morris, then
Idella Christensen. Walter's children were Phyllis (1925), Janis
(1927), Shirley (1928), Beverly (1930), Leo (1934), Charles (1935)
and Ronald (1940).  Walter died May 7, 1968 and is buried in Locust
Grove Cemetery in Ambia, Indiana.

Jeanette Pauline Colebank - born February 27, 1909 in Onarga, IL.
She married Frank LeConte in October 1932. She then married
Clyde Coulombe on October 11, 1943 and they lived in Rancho
Mirage, CA. Jeanette died May 14, 2003.

Leota Gladys Colebank - born May 1, 1904 in Onarga, IL. She
married Nathan Shepherd on February 1, 1934. She died March 24,
1976 in Kankakee, IL and is buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery
on Aroma Park Rd, Kankakee, IL.


Grant and Jessie Colebank with their children
Roy, age 5, Vernita, age 3 and Pearl, 7 months.
Grant Colebank in later years.
Grant and Jessie's daughter Vernita (with X on collar)
Jessie and Grant Colebank's matching
headstones in Onarga Cemetery.
Pearl and William Perkinson's headstones in Onarga Cemetery.
The Colebank / Perkinson plot stone in Onarga Cemetery, Onarga, IL