In 1865 James Colebank's parents moved from Stewartstown, West Virginia to Metnamora, Illinois by
steamboat via the Monongahela, Ohio, Mississippi and Illinois Rivers. In May of 1867 they bought a farm in
section 31 of Palastine Township, Woodford County, 3 miles east and 2 miles south of Eureka, Illinois for
the sum of $600 cash in hand. It was on this farm that James Colebank II was born to James D and
Caroline Hess Colebank on February 24, 1870. The next year the family moved to a farm near Onarga,
Illinois. James was only 4 years old when his father became ill and died from an abdominal cancer, leaving
five children ages 2 through 16 years of age and his wife Caroline who was 30 and expecting a baby.
Caroline moved into the village of Onarga soon after. She was a self-supporting widow for 27 years, no
easy task in those days when jobs for women outside the home were non-existent. Caroline washed and
ironed clothes for others to make a living. The children worked at odd jobs they could find to help with
expenses. James attended grammar school in Onarga where he grew up.
James married Chloe May Larkin October 31, 1904. James was 30 and Chloe 28 when they married. Chloe
was born August 27, 1876. Chloe had Cecil before she married James. James and Chloe raised a nice
family in Onarga where they lived their entire  lives. Their social life centered around the Christian Church
where they were life-long members. James and Chloe were always helping others who were in need or ill.
Slight  of build, James worked hard for many years at the Cultra Nursery in Onarga. The children moved to
other towns in Illinois with the exception of two who moved out of state.
Chloe died of a stroke on February 11, 1936 at 59 years of age. James was a widower for 29 years and died
of old age on February 11, 1965 at age 95. James and Chloe are buried in the Onarga Cemetery.

The children of James Colebank and Chloe May Larkin Colebank were:

Cecil Larkin - born December 18 in Onarga, Illinois. He married Theresa Rankin. He resided in Lyons,
Wisconsin and died in 1950.

Rosabell Colebank - born August 8, 1905 in Onarga, Illinois. She married Harry Neal and they resided in
Wilmington, Illinois. Rosabell died in November of 1973.

Myrtle Colebank - born October 8, 1907 in Onarga, Illinois.  She married Robert Willstead and they lived in
Ashton, Illinois. She died January 2, 1989 in Buchanan, Tennessee.

James Russel Colebank - born February 29, 1910 in Onarga, Illinois. He married Rose Helen VanCata and
they lived in Brookville, Florida.

Irene Lucille Colebank - born April 25, 1915 in Onarga, Illinois. She married Woodrow Koritz and they
resided in Buckley, Illinois.

Pauline Lois Colebank - born August 28, 1918 in Onarga, Illinois. She married Herschel Martin and they
resided in San Jose, California.  Pauline died October 20, 1988.
Copied with permission from "From Whence Came the Colebanks" by Warren Colebank, copyright 1989, p. 161.
JAMES D. COLEBANK, father of