James Quinter Johnson was born in March 21, 1849 in Rosemont, Green County,
Pennsylvania to Minerva Colebank and  Richard Johnson. He was probably named after the
pioneer educator and publisher James Quinter.  Around 1870 or 1871 he married Mary
Ellen Stafford, born November 10, 1852 or 1847 in or near Stewartstown, West Virginia.   
James was a minister or "circuit preacher" in the Church of the Brethren. The gifted minister
and church leader was for several years a pastor at the Georges Creek Congregation and
was much beloved for his excellent service there. His children were raised as staunch
members of the Church of the Brethren.
In the 1880 federal census, the Johnsons are living in the Cove District on Barbour County,
West Virginia. James (listed as Quinter) and Mary are farming. Daughter I zona is 8, Frank
is 6, Albert is 4, Leonidas (Alonzo) is 2 and Nellie is 9 months.
The Johnsons are listed in the 1900 federal census as living in Union, Monongalia County,
West Virginia. James is 51 and Mary is 47. James lists his occupation as stone mason.
Four of his children were still living at home.
In the 1910 census the family was living in Morgantown and daughter Josie had moved
back home with her two-year-old daughter Evelyn B. Wamsley.
In the 1920 census, James is 70 and Mary is 67. Their daughter Jane and her husband
Walter Townsend were living with the couple. Walter was temporarily unemployed.
James died January 24, 1924 at age 74 from urinary retention problems and was buried
January 27, 1924 in Mount Union, West Virginia. Mary Ellen died on December 21, 1931.

Excerpt from "Allegheny Passage":  "It is interesting to note, however, that a devout family by
the name of Johnson belonged to the Georges Creek congregation (in Fayette County, PA)
at this early period. This family was prominent at an early time and deeply established in
the faith. It produced at least one minister who was active in the ministry a few decades
later, J. C. Johnson. Members of the Johnson family came at a very early time to the Shiloh
vicinity where they continued their Dunker affiliation."   "
Allegheny Passage" by Emmert F.
Bittinger on the Shiloh Congregation

The children of James Quinter and Mary Ellen Stafford Johnson were:

Izona Johnson: Born 1872.

Francis Leroy Johnson: Born 1874. He married a woman named Ada G. and had children
Lawrence or Herbert G. (1905), Ralph N. (1907), Ellen Elizabeth (1908 or 1909),  Raymond
(1912 or 1913), Evelyn Ruth, (1917) and Pearl P. (1922). Frank and Ada lived in Morgantown
where Frank was a bricklayer. Frank died in 1953.

Albert Cidney Johnson: Born January 18, 1876 in Monongalia, West Virginia. He married a
woman named Mary C. (Carrie) (1879-1952) in 1900 and had at least ten children,
including Gladys C., (born 1901), James Olan., (born 1902), Myrle or Muriel(born 1904),
Albert C., (born 1906), Donald G. (born 1907), Charles V. (born 1910), Morris K., (born
1912), Milton Sherwood (born 1917), Paul Eugene. (born 1919) and Harold E. (born 1922).
Albert was a bricklayer and the family lived in rural Morgantown, West Virginia. He died on
December 15, 1949 in Monongalia of a coronary occlusion.

Alonzo (Lonnie) Bruce Johnson:  Born November 19, 1878 in West Virginia. Lonnie married
Mada Florence Berkshire in 1902.  They had five children:  Reese Claude (1904-1962),
Russell Edward (1906-1952), John S. (1908 - _____), Goldie (1910 - _____) and
Unknown.  Lonnie died of a cerebral hemorrhage on May 21, 1955 in Morgantown and was
buried in Mount Union Cemetery. Lonnie was a stone mason.

Nellie Johnson:  Born 1879.

William Gordon Johnson:  Born September 26, 1881 in Preston, West Virginia. William was
a postal clerk in the Morgantown, West Virginia Post Office and a building contractor. He
and his wife Mamie lived in rural Morgantown. He was 5'10" tall and weighed 150 pounds
with brown eyes and black hair. William and Mamie had at least two sons, including Rodger
(born 1911) and Gordon (born 1914).  He died November 28, 1948 in Monongalia, West

Alice Johnson:  Born September 1883 in West Virginia.

Emma Jane Johnson Townsend:  Born September 1885 in West Virginia. She married
Walter Townsend, a stationary engineer who had immigrated from Canada in 1884.

Josie I. Johnson Wamsley Liston :  Born March 1,1890 in Alverton, West Moreland,
Pennsylvania. Josie married Leslie Wamsley (Jan. 1890) and they had a child Evelyn Pearl
Wamsley (1907-1976). She then married a Liston.  Josie died January 5, 1974 in National
City, California.

Eunice Johnson:  Born November 1893 in West Virginia.

james quinter johnson
Albert Cidney and Mary C. Johnson's
headstone in Mount Union Cemetery in
Morgantown, West Virginia.
Francis (Frank) and Ada Johnson's
headstone in Mount Union Cemetery in