Jennie “Jean” Alice Colebank was born March 7,
1898 to L S and Martha McIndoo Colebank on their
farm in Crescent Township, Iroquois County, Illinois.
Jennie was a two-year-old toddler when she moved
with her family to a farm 4 miles west of Madelia,
Minnesota. Jennie grew up on the farm. She
attended school in rural district #4. Jennie was 18
when her parents moved into Madelia.
Enoch Howard Holmes was born to Halvor and
Randi Holmes near Elgin, Iowa. Enoch was known
as “Friday”. He grew up near Hawley, Minnesota
where he attended a rural school and was
confirmed in the Lutheran Church. When he was 18
he began working for the railroad. On February 27,
1918 he began working for the railroad. On February
27, 1918 he enlisted in the U. S. Marine Corps. He
participated in the battles of Chateau Thierry and the
Aisne Marne Offensive in Europe in WWI. He was
wounded in action on July 9, 1918 and honorably
discharged on February 26, 1922.
Jennie, also called Jean, and Friday were married in
the Central Lutheran Church in Minneapolis,
Minnesota. Friday worked in the Elk’s Club in Oxboro
and Mora, Minnesota. In 1937 they moved to
Mankato, Minnesota where Friday was the  Phillips
66 bulk dealer and agent. In 1945 they moved to
Cleveland, Minnesota where they bought and
operated the Hardeggers Resort  until Friday’s
demise 9 years later.  Friday had a heart ailment
and died of a heart attack on February 8, 1954 while
vacationing at Ft. Meyers Beach, Florida. He was 57
at the time of his death. He is buried in Glenwood
Cemetery in Mankato, Minnesota.
Jennie moved to Daytona Beach and lived in
Florida.  In the late 1950s she moved to Nashville,
Tennessee where her daughter was living. Jennie
spent much time with her grandson Ricky Howard
Moss and helped raise him. She later moved back
to live in Kissimmee, Florida. While in Nashville for  
a  visit she fell and a blood clot formed. The clot was
removed but she died February 27, 1982 in

L S COLEBANK, father of

Nashville. She was buried beside her husband in the Glenwood Cemetery in Mankato, Minnesota.

Jennie and Friday had one child:

Audrey Elaine Holmes – born in Madelia, Minnesota. She married August Emerson Clevenger,
divorced him, and married Thurman Moss. Audrey was a radio personality. She died July 4, 1970.
Jennie (year unknown)
Friday and Jennie's 25th anniversary
Jennie in February 1973
Friday and Jennie's daughter Audrey
Jennie's obituary
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Jennie and some of her siblings in 1965: L to R: Royal
Colebank, Bernice Colebank Roof, John Colebank,
Jennie, Lester Colebank, Olive Colebank Roxin