Jesse Colebank was born to Samuel and Elizabeth Everly Coalbank on
New Year's Day 1839 or 1840 in east Monongalia County, West Virginia.
When he was 5 years old his family moved south to Sandy Creek which
runs between Barbour and Preston Counties. Two years later Jesse's
father died. His brother Samuel Jr., age 18, stayed home and helped his
mother run the farm.
Jesse met Mary Lohr (b. August 1841) at a box supper at the rural
Colebank School #24. Jesse bid on a pretty box. "No one knew whose
box it was," he said. It turned out to be Mary's. Jesse and Mary Lohr were
married July 7, 1860. Jesse was 20 and Mary 18. Eleven children were
born to this marriage. As the Colebanks living along Sandy Creek
became more numerous, the community came to be known as Colebank.
At one time the hamlet had a post office, 3 stores, a blacksmith shop and
a grain mill powered by water wheel. This is where Jesse and Mary
raised their children and lived out their lives.
Jesse was a farmer, gardener and shoe cobbler. When the 1870  census
was taken he was making barrel staves. Mary was known for her knitting.
Her granddaughter Nellie Colebank Knotts recalls how she loved her
grandparents. She looked forward to Fall when Grandpa made her new
shoes and Grandma made her new mittens, cap, sweater, stockings and
a coat. Their social activities centered around the local churches at
Shiloh, Locust Grove, Sinclair and the rural Colebank School #24.
Jesse and Mary Lohr Colebank
Year unknown
Mary Lohr Colebank
The children of Jesse Colebank and Mary C. Lohr were:

Sarah "Sallie" Ann Colebank -- born April 14, 1861 in Colebank, West Virginia. She married Frank (Francis Valentine) Hartsaw. In
the 1880 census Sarah is listed as being married but living at home.* Her name is still listed as Colebank.  Frances died at age
47 and is buried in Coffman Chapel Church Cemetery, Elkins, Randolph County, West Virginia, as is Sarah, who died at age 71 in
1932. (See
Sarah "Sallie"  Ann Colebank Hartsaw page)

Andrew Jackson William Colebank -- born February 7, 1863 in Colebank, West Virginia. (He is referred to as "William" in the 1880
census) He married Lizzie Manier, then Inez Shaver. He died February 26, 1941 and is buried at Locust Grove Cemetery near
Colebank, West Virginia. (See
Andrew Jackson Colebank page)

Mary Catherine Colebank -- born June 1, 1865 or 1867 in Colebank, West Virginia. She married Lee Philips, born 1869. They
farmed in Reno, Preston County, West Virginia. Mary and Lee had children Pat, born in 1894, Owen, or Olan born in 1896, Charles,
born in 1902, Frank, born in 1905, and Mabel or Mabyl,  born in 1908. Mary died November 7, 1928 and is buried in Clemtown
Cemetery near Arden, West Virginia.

John Harris Colebank -- born October 30, 1867 in Colebank, West Virginia. John, age 29, married Daisy Ridgway, age 16, on
March 14, 1897. She was the daughter of Buck Ridgway.  He was shot to death by Chris Bolyard on October 30, 1897 at age 30.  
His cause of death is listed as "violence" on his death record. Daisy is listed as a widow in the 1900 Federal Census at the age of

Patrick Sylvester Colebank -- born October 23, 1869 in Colebank, West Virginia. He married Laura Humphrey, then later married
Lora Hester White Colebank. (He is listed as "Sylvester" in the 1880 census). Patrick and Lora farmed in the Cove District of
Barbour County. The children of Patrick and Lora were Ruth V., born in 1914, Robert L., born in 1916, Waneta G., born in 1917,
Mary E., born in 1922, Patrick E., born in 1923,  Harry D., born in 1925, Willard R., born in 1927, and Kenneth B., born in 1929.
Patrick died March 23, 1950 and is buried in Shiloh Cemetery, Cove District, Barbour County, West Virginia, along with Lora
Hester. Patrick and Lora raised Lora and George Colebank's daughter Gladys. (See
Patrick Sylvester Colebank page)

Anna Christina or Christine Colebank -- born April 27, 1871 or 1872 in Colebank, West Virginia. She is listed as "Annie C.
Hardsaw" in the 1900 Federal Census.  She married Joseph Loman (J. L.) Hartsaw, born March 18, 1870 in West Virginia. They
lived in Beverly, Randolph County, West Virginia, where J. L. was a section boss on the railroad. The children of Annie and J. L.
were Coral, born December 1889, Dorsey, born March 1895, Ruthy, born April 1896 in Randolph County, Sherman, born April
1898, Theodore, born February 1900, Dakota, born October 22, 1901 in Randolph County, Cody, born October 22, 1903 and
Manetta H., born March 21, 1904 (??). Annie died November 7, 1928.

Daniel Olena Colebank -- born October 7, 1873 in Colebank, West Virginia. He married Almeda Bowman* (January 1877) in 1896.
Daniel and Almeda's children were Nellie (1902), Willis D. (Willie) (1906),   Jesse F. (1907 or 1908), Hazel (1909), Decota M. and
Mary E. (1912 or 1914) and Jack (D. Jackson) (1914 or 1916) . Daniel and Almeda farmed in Reno, Preston County, West Virginia.  
Almeda is also listed as Amelia and Meda on the Federal Censuses. Decota is listed as "divorced" on the 1930 Federal Census.
Daniel died February 29, 1948 and is buried in Mt. Israel Cemetery near Fellowsville, West Virginia. (See
Daniel Olena Colebank

Charles (Charley) Willis Colebank -- born January 20, 1875 in Colebank, West Virginia. He married Tippie Jane Pritt (1880) on
September 26, 1901. The children of Charles and Tippie were Everett (1902), Ernest Marshall (1903 or 1904), Bessie (1905 or
1906), Mary H. (1907 or 1908), Hadden (1910), Emmet (1914), Willis (1916) and Russell (1919). Charles and Tippie farmed in
rural Newburg, Reno, Preston County, West Virginia. Charles died April 22, 1947 at age 72 of a cerebral hemorrhage and is buried
in Mt. Zion Cemetery, Preston County,  West Virginia. Tippie died in 1950. (See
Charles Willis Colebank page)

Dora Madeline Colebank -- born November 1, 1877. Dora was only 23 and single when she died on November 23, 1900. She is
buried in Shiloh Cemetery.

George Franklin Colebank -- born October 4, 1881 in Colebank, West Virginia.  He married Lora Hester White in 1908. They had a
daughter Gladys, born in 1910. George was listed as a merchant in a dry goods store in the 1910 Federal Census.  He died June
5, 1918 and is buried in Shiloh Cemetery. George was known as Frank Colebank. (See
George F. Colebank page)

Dennis Bradford Colebank-- born October 4, 1883. He married Ivy Bell Webb, also born in 1885. They had a child, Thelma Grace
Colebank, born in 1911. Dennis and Ivy owned a restaurant in the city of Elkins, Randolph County, West Virginia. Dennis died
January 15, 1955 at age 71 of arteriosclerotic heart disease and is buried in Sunset Memorial Park.

*There is an Amanda Colebank listed on the 1880 census, born in 1879. I believe she may be Sallie's child.

Taken from "
From Whence came the Colebanks", p. 178, Warren Colebank, author. Copyright 1989.
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