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L S Colebank was born to James David and Mary Morris Colebank on
December 18, 1852 on a farm on Crooked Run, Monongalia County,
West Virginia near Point Marion, Pennsylvania. When L S was 10 his
dad bought a farm in the Stewartstown community. Just one year later
he lost his mother. When L S was 13 his family moved to Olio
Township,  Woodford County, Illinois by steamboat via the
Monongahela, Ohio, Mississippi and Illinois Rivers.
Martha McIndoo was born to John M and Elizabeth Cunningham
McIndoo on April 12, 1867 in Crescent Township, Iroquois County,
Illinois. Martha McIndoo married L S Colebank on her 15th birthday on
April 12, 1882. L S was 29. Gabriel Keath performed the ceremony.
Attending were Lizzie Search and George M Roll, a cousin of the bride.
L S and Martha farmed in Milford Township for 6 years where Lizzie,
Clara and John were born. The next 13 years they farmed in Crescent
Township where Henry, Elgie, Lester, Jessie and Jennie were born.
John remembered his parents taking the wagon pulled by a team of
horses to the Woodland Store to do their shopping.
In 1901 they moved to Madelia, Minnesota by train. L S and his son
John, age 14, rode the freight train with the livestock. Martha and the
seven other children rode the passenger train. Lizzie was 18 and
Jennie was a toddler of 3. L S bought a farm in Section 30 in Madelia
Township, Watonwan County, 4 miles west of Madelia. They farmed
here for 16 years. This  is where Olive,  Royal and Bernice were born.
L S and Martha rented their farm to their son Elgie in 1916 and moved
into town. By this time  Lizzie, Clara, John and Elgie were  married.
Olive, 14, Royal, 8, and Bernice, age 6, were still in school. In 1918 they
rented the farm to their son John and sold it in 1919.
Martha and L S were members of the Church of Christ all the years
they lived in Minnesota and were valued and influential members.
L S Colebank died in Madelia on April 4, 1944 at age 91. He and
Martha had been married more than 61 years. Martha was left a widow
for 16 years. She lived to claim 200 descendants. She died August 4,
1960 at the Arlington, Minnesota Convalescent Home at the age of 93.
Martha is buried beside L S in Riverside Cemetery in Madelia,

The children of L S and Martha were:

Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Colebank - born June 4, 1883 in Milford
Township, Iroquois County, Illinois. She married Milton Lee Strean.
She died in 1969 in Mollala, Oregon. (See
Mary Elizabeth Colebank

Clara Belle Colebank - born August 25, 1885 in Milford Township,
Iroquois County, Illinois. She married John McDonner Strean. She died
in 1965 in Colton, Oregon. (See
Clara Belle Colebank page)

John Milton Colebank - born September 15, 1887 in Milford Township,
Iroquois County, Illinois. He married Clara Frances Nasman.  He died
in 1974 in Fertile, Minnesota. (See
John Milton Colebank page)

Henry Ward Colebank - born November 24, 1889 in Crescent
Township, Iroquois County, Illinois. He married Ruth Worchester
Jones. He died in Boca Raton, Florida in 1958. (
See Henry Ward
Colebank page)

Elgie Thomas Colebank - born March 4, 1892 in Crescent Township,
Iroquois County, Illinois. He married Mildred Esther Morton. He died in
Mankato Minnesota in 1962. (See
Elgie Thomas Colebank page)

Lester Ellis Colebank - born January 15, 1894 in Crescent Township,
Iroquois County, Illinois. He married Linda Victoria Nasman and died
in 1973 in Madelia, Minnesota. (See
Lester Ellis Colebank page)

Jessie Adelia Colebank - born March 3, 1896 in Crescent Township,
Iroquois County,  Illinois. She married Albert H.Lunz, then Andrew
Osmundson. She died in June of 1973 and is buried in Madelia,
Minnesota. (See
Jessie Adelia Colebank page)

Jennie Alice Colebank - born March 7, 1898 in Crescent Township,
Iroquois County,  Illinois. She married Enock Howard Holmes. She
died in Nashville, Tennessee in 1982. (See
Jennie Colebank Holmes

Susie Olive Colebank - born January 31, 1903 in Madelia, Minnesota.
She married Herman Carl Roxin. Olive died in 1980 in New Ulm,
Minnesota. (See
Olive Colebank Roxin page)
Reprinted with permission from "From
Whence Came the Colebanks" by Warren
Colebank, Copyright 1989, p. 201
L S and Martha Colebank's daughters - Left to right:  Jessie Adelia, Jennie Alice, Susie Olive and
Bernice Eloise. (Photo courtesy of Donna Summers)