Lyman Thomas Colebank was born January 7, 1898 at Stockville, Nebraska to
Samuel Garber and Clara B. Walker Colebank. He attended grammar school
at Angora, Nebraska. Lyman's parents later moved  north to Hixon, BC but he
remained in Nebraska. Lyman made several visits to see his parents in
Canada. He made one of these visits in 1928.  While there, one of his stops
was to visit his sister Ethel in Willow River, BC. Zetta Richardson was on
vacation from Vancouver visiting her parents across the street. Lyman walked
across the street  and a romance was born.
Lyman Colebank and Zetta Richardson were married the following year on
Febrary 16, 1929 at 10:00 p.m. at the minister's home in Prince George. Bob
and Annie Richardson were attendants. A reception was held the next day at
the home of the bride's parents. Two weeks later they gave a wedding dance.
Zetta was the daughter of George W and Leona B Johnson Richardson, born
on May 15, 1910 at Landonville, Alberta, Canada.Zetta attended school in
Landonville until age 12 when her parents moved to Giscome, BC, where she
continyed in school until 1926. She then went to work as a sseamstress in
Vancouver, BC.
Lyman and Zetta homesteaded at Hixon, BC where they weathered the Great
Depression of the 1930s. This is where Ernest and Gordon were born. In 1940
they moved to Willow River, BC. Bruce was born in Prince George. Lyman and
Zetta bought their farm at Willow River from Zetta's step father in 1944 and
lived there for 12 years. They raised cows, geese, chickens and turkeys and
sold eggs and chickens. They had a pair of Pomeranian dogs and raised pups
to sell.
Lyman was happiest when he was on the farm. His hobby was playing the
violin. Zetta's hobby over several years has been genealogy. They attended
Pentecostal and Village Mission churches and held the positions of secretary
and treasurer.
Lyman died on December 13, 1966 at the age of 68. He is buried in the Prince
George Cemetery. In 1987 Zetta moved into Prince George, BC, Canada.

The children of Lyman and Zetta were:

Ernest Elmer Colebank - born June 25, 1929 in Hixon, BC, Canada. He died
October 28, 1986 and is buried in Willow River.

Gordon Roger Colebank - born February 13, 1931 at Hixon, BC, Canada. He
married Doris Alexy and they resided in Prince George, BC.

Bruce Howard Colebank - born March 8, 1944 in Prince George, BC.

Lyman and Zetta Colebank
Lyman Colebank