PETER COALBANK, father of
                                                  SAMUEL COLEBANK, father of

                                     MALINDA COLEBANK RIDGWAY

Malinda Colebank was born to Samuel and Elizabeth Everly Colebank in 1823 in Monongalia
County, West Virginia. She married Amos Ridgway, who was born January 6, 1824. Amos was
the son of  Rebecca Weaver and Lott Ridgway of Preston County, West Virginia.  In the 1860
federal census, Malinda and Amos were living in Fellowsville, Preston County, Virginia. They
had three children: Minerva Ridgway, age  9, Mary C. Ridgway, age 4, and Allen Ridgway, age 2 .
Amos was listed as age 38 and Malinda 34. Amos listed himself as a farmer. In the 1870
federal census, Malinda and Amos had moved to Reno, Preston County, Virginia.  Mary was age
14, Allen was 12, Emma was 9, Jefferson was 8 and George was 5.  Amos's brother (Charles)
Noah, age 40, and his wife Caroline lived in the same township. Amos and Malinda were still
living in Reno for the 1880 census. Living with them were Emma K. Ridgway, age 20, Jefferson,
age 18, and George, age 15.    Malinda died in 1893, but the location of her grave is unknown.
Amos died April 4, 1887 and is buried in Ridgway Cemetery, Sinclair, Preston County, West

The children of Malinda and Amos were:

Minerva Ridgway - born in 1851. She married George Washington St. Clair on April 24, 1870.  
The St. Clairs had six children:  Moses St. Clair, born May 7, 1871, Iris St. Clair, Allen St. Clair,
Ades St. Clair, Rose St. Clair, born January 9, 1887, and George Elkins St. Clair, born August 12,

Mary Catherine Ridgway - born in 1856. Mary married E. T. Brown, a farmer born in 1850 in
West Virginia and had children Thana A. Brown, born in 1877;  Elijah Brown, born July 14, 1881
in Greenbrier County, West Virginia; Kate Brown and Ades Brown.  Mary E. born in 1892?  

Allen B., L. or S. Ridgway - born August 22, 1860 in Preston County, WV. He married Livada or
Lavada Stewart, born April 26, 1863 in Pennsylvania. Their children were George Ridgway, born
July, 1879 in WV., Daisy Ridgway, born May, 1881 in WV., Amos F. Ridgway, born June 4, 1884
in WV, died October 4, 1945 in Clarksburg, Harrison County, WV;  J. William Ridgway born March
1885, died at age 15 on September 13, 1900 in Preston County, WV; Florence Ridgway born
December 1886 in WV; Pearl Ridgway, born in December 1888 in WV; Ethel Ridgway, born
December 1894 in WV; Victoria Ridgway, born February 1897 in WV; Carolina (Carrie) Ridgway,
born February 1900 in WV; Charles Ridgway, born February 1900 in WV (twin of Carolina), died
September 1900 in Preston County, WV; Edna Ridgway, born 1902 in WV; Benjamin B. Ridgway,
born July 30, 1903, died March 21, 1939 in Clarksburg, Harrison County, WV.  Allen worked as a
mixer in a glass factory.  Livada died July 1, 1949 in Clarksburg, Harrison County, WV, and Allen
died March 11, 1948 in Clarksburg, Harrison County, WV.

Emeret or Emeretta (Emma) K. Ridgway - born in 1861 in WV. She apparently didn't live much
past 20 years old.

William Jefferson Ridgway - born in 1862 in WV. He married Laura V. Emerson, born
September 1866 in WV., about 1886.  Their children were Claude R. Ridgway, born March 1887
in WV; Glori_______, born in September, 1888; Ella V. Ridgway, born around 1889; James
Ridgway, born 1902; (Goldie D. Ridgway, born 1902); George G. Ridgway, born 1903; Ruth
Ridgway, born 1906; Claude J. Ridgway, born August 19, 1908 in Pennsylvania, died September
1974 in Pennsylvania; Marie Ridgway, born around 1914 in WV; Richard Blaine Ridgway, born
around 1911 in WV; Julia M. Ridgway, born around 1914 in WV.  William was a laborer in a
glass factory in 1920 and a merchant in a general store in the 1920 and 1930 U. S. Censuses.

George W. Ridgway - born in 1865 in WV.
Grave of Amos Ridgway, husband of Malinda
Colebank Ridgway, in Ridgway Cemetery,
Preston County, West Virginia.
William Jefferson Ridgway Death Record