Marshall Colebank was born July 18, 1847 or 1848 in Dunkard Township, Green County,
Pennsylvania to Thornton and Sarah Hartley Colebank. He married Martha (Mattie) J Tapp, daughter of
Robert F. and Nancy Tapp, who was born on November 18, 1850 in West Virginia. Their children were
Mattie Virginia, born in 1871, Jesse M., born in 1876, Frederick D., born in March, 1880, and Harry B.,
born in August 1889. In the 1900 federal census the family was living in the Buffalo district of Clay
County, West Virginia.  In the 1920 federal census, Marshall and Mattie were renting a home in Otter
Township, Clay County, West Virginia. Marshall died November 12, 1926 and Mattie died on January
9, 1929 in Monongalia County. Mattie is buried in Mount Union Cemetery in Morgantown, West Virginia.

The children of Marshall and Mattie Tapp Colebank were:

Mattie Virginia "Jenny" Colebank -- born December 9, 1871 in the Union District of Monongalia
County,  West Virginia. Jenny married John H. Rich. They had at least one child, Sylvia Rich, who
married Raymond Runner. Mattie died in Morgantown on September 13 , 1952 at the age of 80 of
bronchopneumonia. She is buried in Mt. Union Cemetery in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Jesse M. Colebank -- Born on November 12, 1875 in Morgantown, W. V. He married Margaret Carr.  
Jessie was a salesman in Morgantown. He died of heart disease on July 3, 1932 at age 56 in
Fairmont, Marion, West Virginia, and was buried in Morgantown, W. V. (See
Jesse M. Colebank page)

Fredrick Darling Colebank  -- born March 11, 1880 in West Virginia. He married Stella A.
Cunningham, born in 1890, and they farmed in the Otter Magisterial District of Clay County, West
Virginia.  In later life Fred was a merchant in Hartland, West Virginia. Fred and Stella's children were
Virgil L., born in 1903, O'Neal, born in 1905, Opal V., born in 1906 and Freddie R., born in 1908. Fred
died February 27, 1962 at age 81 of heart disease.

Harry Blaine Colebank -- Born August, 1889. Harry married (and later divorced) Nettie Carpenter. They
had three sons -- Marshall Noah, Robert Earl and Walter, and one daughter Gladys Lenore Colebank,
born May 25, 1925.  Robert was killed in WWII, Walter in a car accident in 1952, and Marshall died in
1987.  Harry later married Ela Louise Snodgrass on Apr 26, 1941 in Pocahantas Co., WV.
Marshall and Martha Colebank
remembrance cards
Mattie V. Colebank, daughter of Marshall and
Mattie J. Tapp Colebank (also known as
Harry B. Colebank
Spring Scientific Class, 1892 Mattie
(Jenny) Colebank of Sutton, West
Virginia is in white on the far left.
Fred Colebank of Sutton,
West Virginia
On the back of this photo is printed
"Aunt Ettie, wife of Fred" and "Mrs. F.
D. Coalbank." This doesn't match up
with other records such as the federal
census which lists Fred's wife as
Stella. Robert T. Colebank does have
a wife named Ettie. Can anyone shed
light on this?
Marshall Colebank Death Certificate
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Mattie Rich Death Certificate
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Jessie M. Colebank Death Certificate
Fred Colebank Death Certificate
Fred Colebank/Stella Cunningham Marriage
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Orval (Virgil?) Colebank Birth Record
Mattie Colebank / John Rich Marriage
Della Colebank, daughter of Joseph Milton
Colebank and Jenny (Mattie)
Original letters from Marshall to his brother
Clark and to his father Thornton.
Harry Blaine Colebank
marriage record
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