Martha Jane Colebank Birth Record
Headstone of Martha Jane Colebank Roll in
Riverside Cemetery, Madelia, MN
Headstone of John Roll in Riverside
Cemetery, Madelia, MN
Headstone of Mary Florence Roll Rouse in
Riverside Cemetery
Headstone of Orra Roll in Riverside Cemetery
The children of Martha Colebank and John Roll were:

William Albert Roll – born September 9, 1881 in Watseka, Illinois. He married Elsie K. Harback and died
September 12, 1968.

Orra Valetta Roll – born November 28, 1884 in Watseka, Illinois. She never married. She died in January, 1967
and is buried in Riverside Cemetery in Madelia.

Effie May Roll – born March 2, 1890. She married Lester Riley. She died May 31, 1975 and is buried in Glen Flora,

Essie Maude Roll – born March 2, 1890 in Watskea, Illinois. She married Gerhard Olson. She died June 9, 1933
and is buried in Riverside Cemetery.

Mary Florence Ivy Roll – born February 20, 1892. She married Chester Rause. She died in 1916 and is buried in
Riverside Cemetery,  Madelia.

Olive Francis Roll – born March 13, 1894 in Watskea, Illinois. She married Edward Vollmer. She died in 1983 in
San Francisco, California.

Chester Morris Roll – born November 17, 1896 in Madelia, Minnesota. He married Verna Barton. He died May 8,
1977 and is buried in Ocala, Florida.

Walter Leroy Roll – born March 15, 1899 in Madelia, Minnesota. He married Helen Watusey. He died April 13,
1976 in San Louis Obispo, California.
Copied with permission from "From Whence Came the Colebanks" by Warren Colebank, copyright 1989, p. 231.

Martha Jane Colebank was born August 30, 1859 to James D and Mary
Morris Colebank on a farm near Maidsville on Robinson Run in
Monongalia County, West Virginia. Martha was only four years old when
her mother died, so she was raised by her stepmother Caroline Hess
Colebank. When Martha was seven, he dad moved the family to Woodford
County, Illinois on a steamboat via the Monongahela, Ohio, Mississippi
and Illinois Rivers. Martha was only sixteen years old when her father died.
At age 21, Martha married John W Roll at Watseka, Illinois. John and
Martha farmed here for 15 years. Six of their children were born here.
John’s parents came to Minnesota when he was 14 and returned to
Illinois 5 years later.  In 1895 John and Martha decided to move to
Minnesota. They bought a farm about 5 miles west of Madelia where John
and Martha farmed for 20 years. John was only 57 when he died of Bright’
s Disease on March 31, 1915. Martha was a good manager and
continued farming four more years with the help of her children before
moving into the town of Madelia where she spent her remaining years.

Martha was especially interested in gardening and flowers. She was
always interested in current events and concentrated on giving her
children the education she wished she could have had.  She was a
faithful  member of the Church of Christ in Madelia. Martha was a widow
for 20 years before dying of a stroke on April 19,1935 at age 75. John and
Martha are buried in Riverside Cemetery in Madelia,  Minnesota.
John W. Roll family - Front row, L to R:  Will, Orra, John, Martha, Walter.  
Back row, L to R:  Essie, Flossie, Chester, Effie and Dolly.
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