Mary Elizabeth Strean (known as Lizzie) was born to L S and
Martha Jane McIndoo Colebank on June 4, 1883 in Milford
Township, Iroquois County, Illinois. Milton Lee Strean (known as
Milt) was born to John and Nancy Strean on December 8, 1876 in
Perrysville, Indiana (Perrysville is 8 miles east and 4 miles south
of Danville, Illinois). Lizzie grew up in Milford and Crescent
Townships in Iroquois County near the Woodland Store.
Mary Elizabeth at age 20 and Milton Strean, 27, were married by
Pastor J M Young on November 25, 1903 in the home of the
bride’s parents, on their farm 4 miles west of Madelia,
Minnesota. The bride’s aunt and uncle, Mary and Ellet Colebank,
were witnesses. Milt and Lizzie farmed in Fulton County, Indiana
the first 3 years of their marriage and this is where Elvie was
born (Fulton County is 45 miles south of South Bend). In 1906
they moved to a Minnesota farm 2 miles south of and 1 miles
east of LaSalle. They farmed here for 8 years and this is where
Lola and Isabelle were born.   
In the meantime, Lincoln Roll had moved out west and was
writing glowing reports about Oregon to friends and relatives in
L S COLEBANK, father of

Lizzie’s Uncle Ellet and Aunt Martha were married to “Rolla” so she and Milton heard about and likely read
some of his letters. Lizzie’s brother John and cousin Robert Colebank moved to Oregon in 1910, Lizzie and Milt
followed in 1912.
Milt got a job as a millwright at the paper mill in Oregon City where Lizzie’s brother John  Colebank was
employed. Melvin and Leona were born in Oregon City. They lived here for 8 years and then moved to Fernwood
(near Molalla) where he worked as a logger and sawmill worker. Nadine, Darold and Madelyn were born here.
They lived on a small acreage where they had farm animals and raised a large garden. Mary Elizabeth’s hobby
was making quilts and Milton’s was gardening. They attended Baker’s Church while  in Oregon City and the
Pentecostal Church in Ollala. Milton and Mary were fondly known as Milt and Lizzie to their friends and kin.
Milt died May 11, 1953 at age 77 at Molalla. He is buried in the Bonney Cemetery, 2 miles northeast of Colton,
Oregon. Lizzie was a widow for 16 years. She died at the age of 86 at Silverton, Oregon. She is buried with her
husband in the Bonney Cemetery near Colton.

The children of Milt and Lizzie were:

Elvie Maude Strean -  born 1905 in Fulton County, Indiana. She married Randolph W. Mott.

Lola Naomi Strean – born 1906 in LaSalle, Watonwan County, Minnesota. She married Virgin B. Frickey and
they resided in Salem Oregon.

Isabelle Mildred Strean – born 1909 in Watonwan County, Minnesota. She married Robert Orem. She died in
1958 and is buried in Clark’s Cemetery, Molalla, Oregon.

Melvin Ellsworth Strean – born 1914 in Oregon City, Oregon. He married Alice M. Harms and they resided in
Molalla, Oregon.

Leona Helen Strean – born 1916 in Oregon City, Oregon. She married Harry L.  Surber and they resided in
Gresham, Oregon.

Nadine Elizabeth Strean – born 1921 in Molalla, Oregon. She married Albert E. Layman, Allen B. Wyland and
Clayton Thomas. She resided in Molalla, Oregon.

Darold Milton Strean – born 1927 in Molalla, Oregon. He married Gwendolyn E. Ochampaugh and they resided
in Salem, Oregon.

Madelyn Francis Strean – born 1928 in Molalla, Oregon. She married Maurice E. Wheeler and they resided in
Boring, Oregon.

Copied with permission from “From Whence Came the Colebanks” by Warren Colebank, copyright 1989, p.
Sisters Clara Belle and Lizzie Colebank
Milt and Lizzie's wedding day: Back row, from left: John Roll, Emma Colebank,
George Colebank, Clara Belle Belle Colebank. Front: Milt and Lizzie
Lizzie and Milt
Lizzie and Milt
Lizzie and children: Back row, L to R:  Nadine, Madelyn, Leona,
Melvin, Darold. Front row, L to R: Elvie, Lizzie, Isabelle, Lola
L S and Martha Colebank with their daughters and their husbands.  
Back row, L to R: Clara and Doan Strean, Milt and Lizzie Strean.