Zachariah Nathaniel Lindsey
Mary Jane Colebank Lindsey
(photo courtesy of Diane Wolfe
Johnson, granddaughter of Mary Jane
Sisters Hannah, Bunea Vista, Cora, Blanche
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Mary Jane Colebank and Zachariah Lindsey family
Molly and unknown child
All photos this page are courtesy of Diane
Wolfe Johnson, granddaughter of Molly and
Mary Jane (Molly) Colebank was born February 25, 1854
in Barbour County, West Virginia to parents Samuel
Colebank Jr and Hannah Stewart. She was raised in the
community of Colebank along the banks of the Sandy
Creek in Preston County, West Virginia. She married
Zachariah Nathaniel Lindsey in 1871 at age 17. Zachariah
was born June 18, 1845 to Peter Isaac Heister Lindsey
and Rachel Stark.
  The Lindsey family lived in Knottsville Township, Taylor
County, West Virginia where Zachariah farmed. By 1920
the family had moved to the town of Philippi in Barbour
County, West Virginia.
   Zachariah died in 1926 and Molly died February 3, 1953.
The 11 children of Mary Jane and Zachariah were:

Stewart Lindsey -- born July 14, 1872 and died the same

Bunea Vista Lindsey -- born September 28, 1873. She
married  Oliver Francis Wolfe (May 11, 1874) on November
29, 1894 in Taylor County. The couple had 10 children.
Bunea died April 20, 1958 in Flemington, Taylor County,
West Virginia. Oliver died October 14, 1943 in Moatsville.  
Bunea Vista Lindsey Wolfe page)

Allen Samuel Lindsey -- born February 8, 1876. Allen was
a schoolteacher as a young man. He married Isabelle
Watts. Their children were Mary, Allene, Betty Sue and
Mildred (1908). Allen was an auditor and general manager
for the railroad. He died in July 1975 in Hendricks, Tucker
County, West Virginia at 99 years of age.

Lloyd H Lindsey - born May 1, 1878 in Barbour County,
West Virginia. Lloyd was a schoolteacher as a young man.
He married Lucretia "Lou" Robinson on July 4, 1904 at her
home near Grafton.  Lou died at the age of 38 on
September 21, 1920.

Lawrence Garfield Lindsey - born May 1, 1880 in
Colebank, Preston County, West Virginia. He married Alice
Lenore Watts on December 31, 1916. They farmed in
District 19 of Reno Township, Preston County. Lawrence
also worked as a salesman in a book store and managed
his brother Lloyd's grocery store in Clarksburg, West
Virginia. Lawrence and Alice's children were Lawrence
Rayburn, Robert, and Lois. Lawrence died on January 5,
1979 at nearly 100 years old in Lewisburg, West Virginia.
Ila Dora Lindsey - born October 8, 1882 in Colebank. She married Elias Brown Shaffer, (known
as Brown) born December 28, 1875 in West Virginia. Elias was a schoolteacher until he began
operating a grocery store in Philippi. Ila and Brown never had children.

Ida Blanche Lindsey - born August 28, 1886. She went by the name of Blanche. Ida married
Allen Sinclair and they farmed in Reno Township,  Preston County, West Virginia. They had one
child,  Dora Lucille. Ida died in January, 1977.

Hannah Rachel Lindsey - born April 28, 1891. She married Lonnie Thorpe. Hannah died in
Grafton on June 8, 1967.

Cora Alice Lindsey - born August 18, 1892. She married Earl Demoss and they had at least five
children, including Genevieve Demoss, Earlita Demoss, Mary A Demoss, Nelldora Demoss and
Wilma J Demoss. Cora died in 1958 at age 66.

Sherman Sheradon Lindsey - born January 1, 1896 in Eby, West Virginia. When Sherman
registered for the WWI draft in 1917-1918, he wrote that he was not in good health and that he
had stomach problems. He listed himself as a student so he probably attended school beyond
high school. Sherman worked for the First National Bank in Philippi most of his adult life. He  
was an assistant cashier at age 24, and in 1930 he was a "note clerk", according to the federal
census. He married Nell Kittle and they had at least two children -- Brance and Virginia.
Sherman served as Mayor of Philippi, West Virginia for a number of  years. Sherman died on
February 25, 1978 at age 82 in Philippi, West Virginia.

George Dewey Lindsey - born April 21,1898.  On George's WWI draft registration card he wrote
that he was sick in bed (with something illegible). He does not appear on any federal censuses
after that date.
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