Maynard Milton Colebank was born September 3,
1917 to John M and Clara Nasman Colebank on
his grandparent's farm in Madelia Township near
Madelia, Minnesota. Maynard grew up on his
parent's dairy, crop and livestock farm in Woodside
Township, Polk County,near Mentor, Minnesota. He
attended rural  District 87 Hillside School, the
Agricultural School in Crookston, Minnesota and
then worked on farms near Northfield in southern
About 1938 Maynard began skating at the roller rink
in Farmington on Saturday nights and met Stella
McDonald. A romance developed and they dated
until Maynard enlisted in the Army in World War II.
His tour of duty took him to Australia and New
Guinea. He came down with malaria in New
Guinea, developed a heart condition and was
transported back to the States. Maynard and Stella
were married August 16, 1944 in the Presbyterian
manse in Farmington while on leave. Maynard and
Stella lived in Omaha, Nebraska where Maynard
was stationed in the Army.
Stella is the daughter of Willliam Thom and Belle
Judson McDonald. She was born October 12, 1917
in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Stella
attended the elementary Beacon Hill School in
Canada and high school in Farmington, Minnesota
where she graduated. She then went on to Cable's
Secretarial College.
After the war Maynard and Stella moved back to
Farmington where they lived for 43 years -- until
1988. Maynard was a truck driver. He hauled fresh
milk in an 18-wheel tanker. He received an award
for "driving a million miles without an accident."
Maynard was a hard worker with a talent for
mechanics. He did his own house remodeling,
repair, maintenance, and his own automobile
maintenance. Stella worked as a secretary,
bookkeeper and proofreader. Their hobbies were
traveling, gardening, reading and writing. They
enjoyed the family get-togethers on Memorial
weekend, Thanksgiving and Christmas until
deaths and moves made it impossible. Churches
they have attended include the First Presbyterian
and Faith Methodist.
Maynard had a couple of small strokes which left
him unable to read or drive. In October 1987
Maynard and Stella moved from their beloved
country home into a two-bedroom apartment on
Walnut Street in Farmington, Minnesota. Maynard
suffered more strokes the following year and
entered Cannon Falls Manor nursing home where
he was awarded the Bronze Star for his WWII
service. Maynard died October 13, 1989 in Cannon
Falls, Minnesota. He is buried in Fort Snelling
National Cemetery in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Maynard and Stella had one child:

Laurie Jean Colebank - born December 31, 1949
in Farmington, Minnesota. She married Garry
Anderson and they reside in Florida.

Copied with permission from "From Whence
Came The Colebanks" by Warren Colebank,
copyright 1989, p. 238
L S COLEBANK, father of
JOHN M COLEBANK, father of

Stella and Maynard in November 1984
Stella, Laurie and Maynard in September of 1961
Colebank / McDonald nuptials
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L to R: Maynard's aunt Bernice Roof, Maynard, Stella, Ray
Roof and Linda Colebank, another of Maynard's aunts.
Maynard, Laurie and Stella at the Norman
Colebank family reunion in Farmington in 1954
Maynard Colebank Obituary (1989)
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A letter from Maynard in New Guinea
in WWII to his aunt and uncle
Maynard with his Uncle Lester and Aunt
Linda and their daughter Vickie
Maynard, Laurie and Stella, year unknown
Bronze Star article (1988)
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Maynard (right) with his Uncle Lester
Colebank in September 1961
Maynard and Stella's wedding photo (1944)
Maynard with his sister Ann
Colebank Hagen
Maynard and mother Clara
Stella and Maynard at Fort Omaha on
February 11, 1945
Maynard in the Army in WWII
Maynard and Stella's first date
about 1938