L S Colebank, father of

Herman Roxin wedding
picture (1928) age 27
A young Olive Colebank
Olive Colebank Roxin
wedding picture - age 25
The beer truck Herman drove in the 1930s
Roxin Implement in Nicollet
Olive on the south side of the L S
Colebank home on Adams St. NE in
Madelia, Minnesota
The newly built Roxin home on Main Street in
Nicollet in 1961.
Olive, always stylish.
Olive flanked by her sister-in-law Linda and
brother Lester Colebank and Lester and Linda's
daughter Vickie at the Roxin home in June, 1968.
Olive outside her parent's
home in Madelia.
Roxins build a new home
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Herman and Olive on their 50th wedding
anniversary in 1978
Herman Roxin Obituary
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Olive Roxin Obituary
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Golden Wedding Anniversary
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Susie Olive Colebank was born to L S and Martha Jane
McIndoo Colebank on a farm near Madelia, Minnesota on
January 31, 1903. She attended the rural one-room school
in District #4 west of Madelia until age 13. Her parents then
moved into the town of Madelia in 1916. She continued her
schooling in Madelia and graduated from high school
there. Susie (known as Olive) was a local news reporter
for the Madelia Times through her high school years and
thereafter learned and worked as a linotype operator. Olive
learned to play the home pump organ at an early age. She
learned the tune “Red Wing” at the age of 5. Someone had
to pump the pedals for her while she played. Her dad, who
also played the organ, showed her off at every opportunity.
The men who heard her would often give her a nickel,
equivalent to about 50 cents today. Olive was the organist
in the Madelia Church of Christ during her high school
years and seven years thereafter.

Herman Carl Roxin was born to John and Elizabeth Wieg
Roxin near Welcome, Minnesota on August 15, 1901. Both
his parents were born in Germany. Herman was raised at
Odin, Minnesota where his father was section boss on the
railroad. When Herman was 12 his parents moved to a
farm near Butterfield where he continued his education
through the 8t grade. From age 16 he supported himself
working in the harvest fields of the Dakotas and with day
labor jobs wherever he could find work. In 1924 he went to
work for Priest Farm Produce Co. in St. James, Minnesota.

Olive and Herman were married in Truman, Minnesota on
June 16, 1928. In 1931 Herman went to work for a  produce
company in Mankato, Minnesota. In 1933 he bought his
own truck and trailer and did long-distance hauling. In 1939
he bought the International Harvester dealership in
Nicollet, Minnesota and later acquired the Pontiac
automobile dealership. Olive was his bookkeeper and
secretary. The couple had no children.

Herman retired in 1957 in Nicollet. His hobbies were
hunting, fishing, gardening and woodworking. Olive’s were
stamp collecting, reading and playing the piano. I (nephew
Warren) loved to hear Aunt Olive play ragtime tunes on the

Olive became afflicted with leukemia about 1974 and 6
years later died in the hospital at New Ulm, Minnesota on
January 6, 1980. Herman died the same year on July 28,
1980 on his way home from visiting Olive’s sister Bernice
and husband Ray Roof on their farm near Fertile,
Minnesota. Olive and Herman are buried in the Mt. Hope
Cemetery in St. James, Minnesota.