Peter Colebank was born to James and Mary Goodwin Colebank in Cass District west of the
Monongahela River in Monongalia County, West Virginia about 1817. He was their third child
and first son. Peter was named after his grandfather, the patriarch of all Colebanks born in
America. About age 31 Peter married Hannahett Trippet Smith, the widow of Frank Smith
since 1845. Her children were 5, 9 and 16 years of age.
Hannahett and Peter then had three more children:  Nora, Franklin and Parshall. The 1850
Federal Census indicates Nora was born in Dunkard Township, Greene County,
Pennsylvania in June 1850. The 1860 Federal Census states their mailing address was
Maidsville, a hamlet on Robinson Run in Monongalia County. They were living on a farm that
Hannahett had inherited located near the south branch of Crooked Run in Cass District where
they lived for the rest of their lives.
Peter was a small but physically powerful man, by occupation, a farmer and laborer. Quinter
Colebank (Parshall's son) told me his Grandfather Peter hauled coal with his sled and team
of horses across the frozen Monongahela River in midwinter to the residents of Point Marion.
The estate of Peter Colebank was settled in 1892. We do not know the exact dates of Hannah
and Peter's death. No one took the time to go and record them at the county courthouse. The
census records are the only clues to their birth years. Peter and Hannah were buried in a
small family cemetery near Crooked Run (no markers) surrounded by a small iron fence.
When the Monongahela Power Company bought this land in 1965, the graves with markers
were exhumed and placed in the Fort Martin Cemetery. When we were there in 1973, two of
the graves with markers were Frank Smith (Hannah's first husband) and Louisa VanZandt
(Hannah's oldest daughter by her first marriage). Hannah saw to it, perhaps with sacrifice, that
markers were put on the graves of her first husband and daughter who preceeded her in
death. I think Hannah died before Peter or  quite soon after. Had she been widowed for long I
think she would have put a marker on Peter's grave. Taking 1892 as their death year, Peter
lived to be 75 and Hannah 77.
The estate of Peter Colebank in 1892 consisted of a 32-acre farm. Parshall Colebank bought
out the interests of his half brothers George and Randolph Smith, his sister Nora McCartney,
and his brother Franklin Colebank.

                                          By Warren Colebank, "From Whence Came
                                          The Colebanks", copyright 1989, p. 263

The children of Peter Colebank II and Hannahett Trippett Smith Colebank were:

Norisisus (Nora) F. Colebank - born June 1849 in Dunkard Township, Greene County,
Pennsylvania. She married George McCartney. She died in 1902 and is buried in Fort Martin
Cemetery in Fort Martin, Monongalia County, W. V.

Franklin (Butch) P. Colebank - born 1852 on Crooked Run, Monongalia County, W. V., He
married Dorothy E. Stone in 1883, then died in 1919. He is buried in Wolfe Cemetery, Dilliner,
Greene County, Pennsylvania. (See
Franklin Pierce Colebank page)

Parshall Colebank - born July 21, 1858, Rosedale Monongalia County, W. V., married Mary
Jane Hoard; died Jay 9, 1939. He is buried in Eden Cemetery, Stewartstown, Monongalia
County, West Virginia. (See
Parshall Colebank page)
Fort Martin Cemetery and the Fort Martin United Methodist Church
Photo by Jennifer Selfridge, Find A