Royal Kenneth Colebank was born in Madelia, Minnesota to L S and Martha Jane McIndoo
Colebank on September 18, 1909. He attended school there for 12 years graduating from Madelia
HIgh School in 1928. He was active in sports and played on the Madelia High School football team.
 Royal, age 28, and Verda Bernice Jenkins, 19, were married in Truman, Minnesota on
September 18, 1935. Bernice was born June 21, 1916 in Bancroft, Iowa. She went by the name
Burnis. In 1937 they moved to Mankato, Minnesota where Royal went to work for the Mankato
Brewing Company, a job that lasted for 30 years. He worked on various jobs to begin with but
most of the years he  drove truck. Royal  served in the United States Navy in WWII. After the war
Royal and Burnis were divorced. Royal got custody of the children. He remained single and raised
the four children. Verda Bernice passed away April 2, 2008.
 In 1967 Royal retired to Rainbow Lakes in Florida. This is where he met Edna B. Hilton. A
romance developed and they were married on Sunday, June 20, 1967 at the home of Robert Lusk
in Rainbow Lakes. Edna was a small woman known by her nickname "Cricket." She was a
registered nurse and was active in the Rainbow Lakes Emergency Ambulance Corps.
 In his middle years Royal's legs became afflicted with multiple sclerosis which gradually
worsened. By the time he retired he was walking with much difficulty, with the aid of two arm
crutches. Royal died November 10, 1985 at the age of 76 after some months in a nursing home.
Pastor Donald P. Hanna and Wilbur Williams officiated at his funeral at the Roberts Funeral Home
in Dunnellon, Florida. Royal is buried in the Forest Lawn Memory Gardens Cemetery in Ocala,
Florida. Cricket continued to live in Dunnellon, Florida until she went into a nursing home in 1989.

The children of Royal and Bernice were:

Royalynne Doreen Colebank - born November 18, 1936 in Madelia, Minnesota. She married Lyle
Everett Hillyard on November 28 1964 and they resided in San Jose, California. Lyle passed away
on March 1, 2014.

Kenneth Dean Colebank - born October 12, 1938 in Mankato, Minnesota. He married Patricia June
Bryan on June 10, 1961. Kenneth passed away on February 3, 2015.

Diane Yvonne Colebank - born July 28, 1942 in Mankato, Minnesota. She married Daniel P.
Rissell on January 30, 1965 and they resided in Waconia, Minnesota. Daniel passed away on
November 22, 2003 and Diane now lives in Montrose, Minnesota.

James Leroy Colebank - born March 25, 1944 in Mankato, Minnesota. He married Diane in
October, 1962, then married Ruth. They lived in Dunnellon, Florida. James passed away on
December 16, 2013.
Copied with permission from "From Whence Came the Colebanks" by Warren Colebank, copyright
1989, p. 282.
Verda Bernice in 1937
Royal, Jimmy and Diane
Siblings Olive, Royal, Bernice and John in
front of their childhood farm home in 1960.
Bernice holding baby Royalynne and Royal
Kenneth, Royalynne, Diane and Jimmy
Royal with first granddaughter Stephanie,
daughter of Diane.
L S COLEBANK, father of