PETER COALBANK, father of

                                                        SAMUEL COLEBANK

Samuel Colebank was born in 1792 to Peter and Sarah Grimes Colebank in Monongalia County, Virginia now West
Virginia.  Elizabeth Everly was born in 1795 to Simeon and Prudence Howard Everly of Monongalia County, near Point
Marion, Pennsylvania.  

Elizabeth's father was an Indian Scout, spying on the Indians during the Revolutionary War.  He enlisted at 16 and was a
hero during the border welfare.  ELizabeth named her third son after him.

Sam and Elizabeth farmed in Monongalia County, West Virginia for 33 years.  Nellie Colebank Knotts remembers her
great grandfather being referred to as "Big Tall Sam"  The 1820 census lists a female 16-26 living with Sam and
Elizabeth.  This was likely Sam's sister Mary.  Sam's parents, Peter and Sarah appear in the 1810 census only indicating
they probably died between 1815 and 1820 and Mary went to live with her brother.  In 1845 Sam and Elizabeth moved to
Sandy Creek, Barbour County.

Sam died two years later on March 30, 1847 at age 55.  He is buried in the Old Dunkard churchyard cemetery called
Shiloh Cemetery located in Cove District, Barbour County, West Virginia.  After Sam died, his son Samuel, Jr ran the
family farm.  Elizabeth was a widow for 16 years.  She lived with her son Samuel and his wife Hannah until she died in
1863 at 68 years of age.  She is buried beside her husband.

Sam and Elizabeth's descendants along Sandy Creek became numerous as the years passed and the community came
to be known as Colebank.  There was a time when the Colebank hamlet boasted a post office, 3 stores, a blacksmith
shop and a grain mill on Sandy Creek which was powered by a water wheel.*
From Whence Came the Colebanks, p.285, Warren Colebank (1989)

Note:  According to family history handed down over several generations, Samuel was one of twins, Samuel and James,
who were found in a coalbank by a woman named Everly who raised them as her own. It isn't known whether Samuel's
wife, Elizabeth Everly, was related to the woman who found them.
                                                                                         John D. Faris (

Samuel shows up in the 1840 Federal Census as a head of household in East Monongalia Township, Monongalia
County, Virginia. His household includes one male child under age five, two males ages 5 - 9, one male age 10-14, two
males ages 15-19, one male age 20 - 29, one male age 40 - 49, one female child under age 5, one female between the
ages of 15 - 19, and one female age 40 - 49.

Three of the members of his household are employed in farming, one member of his household over age 20 cannot
read or write. All members of his household were listed as free white persons so he apparently didn't own any slaves.

The children of Samuel and Elizabeth Everly Coalbank/Colebank are:

Rolla Colebank - born 1813 in Monongalia County, West Virginia; died 1870 in Barbour County, West Virginia. Married
Margaret Simpson in 1847. (See
Rolla Colebank page)

Caroline Colebank - born 1814.

Matilda "Tillie" Colebank - born 1816(?) Matilda married  John M. "Riley" Bennett (1814 - between 1870-1880). They
married about 1835. They lived in Preston, Barbour and Taylor Counties in West Virginia.  Tillie and Riley had 11 children:
William C Bennett (b. 1836), Rolla C. Bennett (b. 1839), Morgan Bennett (b. 1841), John W. Bennett (b. 1843), Malinda
Bennett (b. 1844), M.J. Bennett (b. 1846), Elgie Bennett (b. 1848), Allen R. Bennett (b. 1850), Stewart Bennett (b. 1852),
Thomas Jefferson Bennett (b. 1855) and Jarial "Mack" Bennett (b. Apr. 1859 in West Virginia, d. May 12, 1907 in West
Virginia). (See
Matilda "Tillie" Colebank Bennett page)

Minerva Colebank - born 1818 Monongalia County, West Virginia; married Richard Johnson, resided in Rosedale,
Monongalia. Died 1896 Monongalia. (See
Minerva Colebank page)

Thornton Colebank - born 1821 Monongalia County, West Virginia; married Sarah Hartley 1840; resided in rural Point
Marion, Pennsylvania; died 1897 near Point Marion. (See
Thornton Colebank page)

Malinda Colebank - born 1823 Monongalia County, West Virginia; married Amos Ridgway; died 1893 (See Malinda
Colebank Ridgway page)

William Jefferson Colebank - born 1825 Monongalia County, West Virginia; married Amelia Hayes in 1851; died 1912 in
Nebraska. (See
William Jefferson Colebank page)

Simeon Colebank - born 1827 in Monongalia County. Married Eunice, divorced. Married Minerva Monroe, resided in
Franklin County, Indiana. (See
Simeon Colebank page)

Samuel Colebank Jr. - born 1829 Monongalia County, West Virginia; married Hannah Stewarts; married Margaret Kieser;
died 1916. (See
Samuel Colebank Jr. page)

Jesse Colebank - born 1839 Monongalia County, West Virginia; married Mary C. Lohr; died 1919. (See Jesse Colebank
Shiloh Cemetery, Kasson, Barbour County, West Virginia, USA
Samuel and Elizabeth Colebank graves in Shiloh Cemetery
photo courtesy of Dorothy Schooley
Shiloh Dunkard Church in the '70s