"From Whence Came the Colebanks", Warren Colebank, 1989 p.287
Samuel, Clara and young William Colebank
Samuel Garber Colebank was born August 19, 1860 near Edina,  Missouri to
William J and Amelia Hayes Colebank on their farm. Samuel was born, raised
and married in the Edina community.
Samuel married Clara Belle Walker on January 28, 1881. Samuel was 20 and
Clara Belle 19. Clara was born to Catherine and Elisha Hayes at Decatur,  Illinois
on November 24, 1861. Samuel and Clara's first child William was born at
Medina,  Missouri in 1881.
Samuel was a frontier farmer. Samuel, Clara and their baby moved west to
Stockville, Nebraska where they remained to farm for 22 years. In 1894 Samuel's
sister-in-law Lilly Dyer Colebank died giving birth. Lilly was the wife of Samuel's
brother Elisha. Samuel and Clara adopted baby Gladys and raised her as their
own.  Four years later Lyman Thomas was born. Two years after that (1900) Ethel
was born. All the children grew up on their Nebraska farm near Stockton.
Clara was a caring, giving person. Wherever she lived she was active in her
church and community, always willing to nurse the sick. She did a lot of midwifing
in her lifetime.
At age 63 (1923) Samuel and Clara made their last move to Hixon, BC  to
homestead a farm. Samuel  died at 70 years of age in 1930 of a heart attack as
he was coming home from work. Clara died two years later in Willow River, BC.
Samuel and Clara are both buried in the cemetery at Hixon, BC.

The children of Samuel Garber and Clara Belle Walker Colebank were:

William Andrew Colebank - born 1881 in Medina, Missouri. He married Minnie
Mae Caster. He died in 1956 and is buried in Prince George, BC, Canada. (See
William Andrew Colebank page)

Gladys Bell Colebank - born in 1894 in Stockton, Nebraska. She married Jacob
Caster and they resided in Nebraska.

Lyman Thomas Colebank - born January 7, 1898 in Stockville, Nebraska. He
married Zetta M. Richardson. He died December 13, 1988 and is buried in Prince
George,  BC, Canada. (See
Lyman Thomas Colebank page)

Ethel May Colebank - born May 26, 1900 in Stockton, Nebraska. She married
Melvin Erickson. She died September 2, 1988 and is buried in Prince George,
BC, Canada.

Melvin and Ethel Colebank Erickson and daughter.
Samuel Garber and Clara Colebank with
their grandchildren. (Photo courtesy of
Donna Summers)