1851 - 1917
Samuel M. Colebank was born July 12,1851 in Barbour County, West
Virginia to parents Rolla and Elizabeth Everly Colebank. He married
Malinda Bell Freeman, born December 20, 1854 in Preston County on
April 17, 1873.  Samuel and Malinda were farming in Reno, Preston
County, West Virginia in 1880.  The couple lived in Black Fork, Tucker
County, West Virginia in 1900. Samuel M. died January 7, 1917 in
Fairmont, West Virginia at the age of 65 and Malinda died in 1927
in West Virginia.

The children of Samuel M. and Malinda Freeman Colebank were:

Harman Freeman Colebank - born March 5, 1875 in Barbour County,
West Virginia. He married Myrtle Delphia Shaw, daughter of John
Shaw and Mary Musgrove Shaw, on August 18, 1898 in Hendricks,
West Virginia. They had five children:  Harry G. (July, 1898), Edwin C.
(February 11, 1901), Clifford Shaw (October 5, 1902), Elliot (1905),
and Mary (1909). Harman was county clerk of Tucker County.
Harman died in 1925 at the age of 50 and Delphia died October 6,
1941. Both are buried in Parsons Cemetery in Parsons, Tucker
County, West Virginia. (See
Harman Freeman Colebank page)

Icy Frances Colebank - born in July, 1876 in West Virginia. Icy taught
school before she married Daniel Nelson Dumire on April 28, 1902 in
Tucker County, West Virginia. Daniel died in 1915  and Icy died July 5,
1964 in Fairmont.  Both are buried in Maple Grove Cemetery in Fairmont.
                   ICY COLEBANK DUMIRE

"My greatgrandfather
was Samuel Colebank, my grandfather
was Freeman Colebank and Icy Colebank
Dumire was my grandfather's sister and
my father was Elliott Colebank, son of
Freeman Colebank. I knew my Great Aunt
Icy  very well. As a little girl, my Mother and
I visited her very frequently. I remember so
well loving the old antique furniture,
especially the old "Victrola" that she had
sitting in the vestibule of her home."
                              Donna Summers
Samuel M. Colebank / Malinda Freeman
Marriage Certificate
Icy Colebank / D. N. Dumire Marriage Certificate
Icy Francis Colebank
Samuel M. Colebank
(Photo courtesy of Donna
Headstone of Samuel M and Malinda
Colebank in Maple Grove Cemetery,
Fairmont, West Virginia. (Photo by Terry
Icy and Daniel's headstone in Maple Grove
Cemetery in Fairmont.  (Photo by Terry
Last Will and Testament of Malinda
Colebank (courtesy of Kim Gretz)
(Click to enlarge)
Letters from D. N. Dumire to Icy
Colebank early in their relationship
(1899).  They were found in an
antique shop in Jacksonville,
Florida and sent to Kim Gretz.  
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