Thomas Jefferson Colebank was born to Jane Colebank on April 25, 1844 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania near Point Marion.
Thomas was named after Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence and third president of the United States.
It is said that Thomas's biological father was William Harmony and that Thomas knew and visited him through the years. The federal
census indicated that Thomas Jefferson Colebank remained with his Colebank grandparents after his mother married John Wesley
Thomas was a veteran of the Civil War. On July 3rd, 1861, at age 17, he enlisted in the 7th regiment of the West Virginia Volunteer
infantry of the Union Army. His enlistment describes him as 5'10" tall, dark complected with black hair and blue eyes. He was
medically discharged with hypertrophy of the heart at Camp Convalescent near Alexandria, Virginia on February 12, 1863.
Thomas J. Colebank was married to Margaret Stewart, both age 20, on August 28, 1864 in Dunkard Township, Greene County,
Pennsylvania by Justice of Peace Squire George Howard. Margaret Stewart was born on February 14, 1844.
Thomas J was a farmer and timber dealer and in his early years rafted logs down river to Pittsburgh. He raised cattle and sheep on
his 150-acre farm in the Stewartstown Community and was known as a vigorous and progressive factor in the farming and
stock-raising industry. He was an active Republican (the party of Abe Lincoln at the time) and the saying was that, "He served on the
Grand Jury more often than anyone in the county." He was an active and influential member of the Eden Methodist Church for over 50
Margaret and Thomas had been married for 60 years when she died in January of 1925 at the age of 81. Thomas J was a widower
for 3 1/2 years before he died on June 15, 1928 at the age of 84. Thomas died in Stewartstown, West Virginia in Monongalia County.
They are buried in the Eden Church Cemetery, Union District, Monongalia County, West Virginia.

The children of Thomas Jefferson Colebank and Margaret Stewart were:

Elizabeth J. Colebank - born September 7, 1865 in Stewartstown, Monongalia County, West Virginia. She married William Edward
Blosser, son of Henry Blosser and Mary Cunningham, in 1890. William listed himself as a general farmer in the1910 federal census
and as a merchant in a general store in the 1930 federal census. William and Elizabeth lived in the Union District of Monongalia
County, West  Virginia for all their married lives. William died in 1939 and Elizabeth died in 1949 in Monongalia County. (See
Elizabeth J. Colebank Blosser page)

Effie D. or L. Colebank - born August 26, 1867 inn Stewartstown, West Virginia. She married Edmund Lee Zearly, a civil and mining
engineer. She died in 1949 in Monongalia County.

James F. Colebank - born August 26, 1869 in Stewartstown, West Virginia. He died August 27, 1900.

John Lewis Colebank - born October 19, 1871 in Stewartstown, West Virginia. He married Elizabeth Alzona "Lizzie" Shank (born in
1871) in 1895. John listed himself as a teacher at a "free school" in the 1910 federal census of the Union District of Monongalia
County, West Virginia. John died in Monongalia County on October 1,1967. (See
John Lewis Colebank page)

Ora Octave Colebank -born November 19, 1873 in Stewartstown, West Virginia. He married Frances Linda Crawford, born February
25, 1879, on August 8, 1904 in Williston, Tennessee.  Ora died on January 21,1944 in St. Joseph's Hospital, Memphis, Shelby
County, Tennessee. He is buried in Memphis.  Frances died on May 24, 1914 in Williston, Tennesee. She is buried in Asbury,
Tennessee. (See
Ora Octave Colebank page)

Cora A Colebank - born April 22 or 23, 1876  in Stewartstown, West Virginia. She married Lewis Conn. She died on January 15, 1960.

Emma E. Colebank - born March 30, 1878 in Stewartstown, West Virginia. She married Bruce Hare in 1899. They had a daughter
Edna, born in 1905. Bruce listed himself as a salesman in a country general store in the 1910 federal census. They resided in the
Union District of Monongalia County, West Virginia at that time.

William A. Colebank - born September 30, 1880 in Stewartstown, West Virginia. He married Mary Belle "Belle" Pugh when he was 24
and she was 23 years old.  "Willie" listed himself as a carpenter in the federal censuses of the Union District of Monongalia County,
West Virginia. Willie died in December, 1968. (See
William A. Colebank page)

Lee Roy Colebank - born October 9, 1882 in Stewartstown, West Virginia. He married Elizabeth "Lizzie" L. Felton. Lee was a carpenter
residing in the Union District of Monongalia County in the 1910 federal census.  Lee and Lizzie had a son James F., born in 1907 and
a daughter Opal born in 1908. Lee Roy died on February 15, 1969 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan. (See
Lee Roy Colebank page)

Bessie May Colebank - born November 27, 1884 in Stewartstown, West Virginia. She married Clay T. Hardison, born in 1881, in
1909. Clay was a laborer on his father-in-law's farm in the Union District of Monongalia County, West Virginia  in the 1910 federal
census. Bessie died in Detroit, Wayne County,  Michigan on March 7, 1962.
Some of the above information was copied with permission from "From Whence Came the Colebanks" by
Warren Colebank, Copyright 1989, p. 301.
The headstone of James F. Colebank in Eden Cemetery.
Thomas and Margaret's headstone in Eden Cemetery.
Eden United Methodist Church and Cemetery
with Colebank plot stone in the foreground
L to R: Mariah Blosser Nieman, Thomas Jefferson
Colebank, and Margaret Stewart Colebank. Photo from
Gordon C. Baker. Photo has to be before 1917 because
Mariah died in that year.
Cora Colebank / J Isaac Conn Marriage
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Cora Colebank Birth Record
James F. Colebank Birth Record
Thomas Jefferson Colebank Death Record
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Effie Colebank / Edmund Zearley Marriage
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Edmund Lee and Effie Colebank Zearly Headstone
Emma Colebank / Bruce Hare Marriage Certificate
Margaret Stewart Colebank Death Record