PETER COALBANK, father of
                                                    SAMUEL COLEBANK, father of

                                  THORNTON ELSWORTH COLEBANK

Thornton Elsworth Colebank was born to Samuel and Elizabeth Everly Colebank in Monongalia County,
West Virginia on August 8, 1821. He grew up in the county of his birth. Sarah was born September 27,
1824, in Pennsylvania.
Thornton was a farmer and a shoemaker. He began farming in 1842 at the age of 21. His farm
was along the east bank of the Monongahela River in Dunkard Township, Greene County near
Point Marion, Pennsylvania and the West Virginia line.
Thornton Colebank was a bachelor farmer for four years. He married Sarah Hartley on October
18, 1846. Sarah was born September 27, 1824 in Pennsylvania. Thornton was 25 and Sarah 22. Sarah
bore him 12 children the first 17 years of their marriage. She was 41 when her last child was born. All
the children were born on the riverside farm.
Sarah died on November 24, 1875 at the age of 51, just 10 years after her last child was born. Thornton
was left with 6 children under 18 years  of age:  Lawrence 10, Clark 11, T Ellsworth 12, Elvie 13, John 14
and Emaline 16. Thornton was a widower for 10 years.
In 1885 Thornton married Agnes Davis, the daughter of John and Susannah Bright Davis, born in
October 1838.  Thornton was 64 and Agnes 47 when they married in 1885. Thornton and Agnes were
leading members of their local Baptist church. Thornton died 12 years later on February 26, 1897 at age
76 in Crow's Ferry, Dunkard Township. In the 1900 census Agnes was living with her brother, Louis S.
Davis and her niece and namesake Agnes Davis in Cass District, Monongalia County, West Virginia.

From 'From Whence Came the Colebanks" by Warren Colebank, copyright 1989, p. 305

The children of Thornton and Sarah were:

Marshall Colebank - born July 18, 1847 or 1848 in Dunkard Township, Green County, Pennsylvania. He
married Martha (Mattie) J Tapp who was born on November 18, 1850 in West Virginia. Their children
were Mattie V., born in 1873, Jesse M., born in 1876, Frederick D., born in 1879, and Harry, born in 1888.
In the 1920 federal census, Marshall and Mattie were renting a home in Otter Township, Clay County,
West Virginia. Marshall died some time after 1924 and Mattie died on January 9, 1929 in Monongalia
County.  (See
Marshall Colebank page)

Joseph Milton Colebank - born on March 12, 1849 in Dunkard Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania.
He married Mary V. Tapp, born November 18, 1850 in West Virginia. Their children were Robert, born
October 12, 1869 in Cass District, Monongalia County, and Lucy Delia, born in 1876. Mary died on April
11, 1909 and Joseph died on December 7, 1928 in Sutton, Braxton County, West Virginia. (See
Milton Colebank page)

Ruhama (Rahama) Colebank - born January 16, 1851 in Dunkard Township, Greene County,
Pennsylvania. She married William Grover, born January 1836 in Pennsylvania. They had three children:
William Arthur, born in 1883, Pearl, born in 1884 and Raymond, born in June,1888, died on January 30,
1960 in Harrisville, West Virginia.  Ray was a foundry and machine worker.  William died in 1905 in West
Virginia and Ruhama died in 1924.

Mary Elizabeth Colebank - born September 18, 1852 in Dunkard Township, Greene County,
Pennsylvania. She married James Boord, a miller born in Fallen Timbers, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
on October 22, 1839, at Fallen Timbers on March 13, 1874. James was a veteran of the Civil War.
James and Mary five children. (See
Mary Colebank Boord page)

Delia Amelia Colebank - born July 12, 1854 in Dunkard Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania. She
married Erastus Monteville Cushman, a stone mason born December 11, 1874 in Maidsville,
Monongalia County, West Virginia to Ephraim Cushman and Zanah Dean Cushman.  They had three
children. They resided in Maidsville, Monongalia County, West Virginia, before moving to Dunkard
Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania. Delia died in 1936. (See
Delia Colebank Cushman page)

George C. Colebank - born  August 4, 1856 in Greensborough, Greene County, Pennsylvania. George
married Isobel A. (Belle) Prewitt, daughter of James W. Prewitt and Rebecca Welch, born in 1888 in
Washington and 25 years his junior, from Washington. They resided in Ione, Stevens County,
Washington and in East Ione, Pend Oreille County, where George farmed. They were later divorced.
George died in East Ione on December 23, 1939. (See
George C. Colebank page)

Emeline (Emma) Colebank - born September 1, 1859 in Dunkard Township, Greene County,
Pennsylvania. She married Kelso H. Root, son of Steven and Cecelia A. Gaines/Gain Root born April
9,1862 in Harrison County, West Virginia, on October 28, 1902.  Kelso died on May 1, 1931 in
Buckhannon Hospital, Buckhannon, Upshur County, W. V. at age 69.  Emeline died on December 22,
1938, at home in Monongah, Grant District, Marion County, West Virginia. She is buried in Mt. Clair
Cemetery. (See
Emeline "Emma" Colebank Root page)

John Thornton Colebank - born July 15, 1860 in Dunkard Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania. In
the 1930 federal census, John, Clark and Emaline, all single, were all living in District 41, Clark,
Harrison County, West Virginia.   He married Mary Alice Biggs, born January 20, 1870 in Evansville, West
Virginia on December 18, 1902. John worked in logging, coal mining and farming. John died May 26,
1934 in Preston County, West Virginia.  Mary died in 1952. (See
John Thornton Colebank page)

Elvie Colebank - born 1861 in Dunkard Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania. Elvie died in childhood
(before 1870).

(Colonel) Elsworth Thornton Colebank - born September 11, 1862 in Dunkard Township, Greene
County, Pennsylvania.  He married Cora Alice Stewart, born 1868, on December 28, 1892, in Harrison
County, West Virginia. When Cora died on October 3, 1895 Elsworth married Hannah J. Stewart, born
December 29, 1870 or March 18, 1871 to Allen Stewart and Rebecca Jane McFarland. Hannah and
Richard are buried in the Knottsville United Methodist Church Cemetery, Knottsville,
West Virginia. (See
Elsworth Thornton Colebank page)

Clark C. Colebank - born December, 1864 in Dunkard Township, Greene
County, Pennsylvania. As a young man, Clark was engaged to be married
and his fiance was tragically killed in a carriage accident on her way to their
wedding. Clark's grief was so deep and lasting that he never married after
her death. Her name is unknown to us, only her sad story. Clark lived with
his older brother Ellsworth Thornton and his family most of his life. His
niece Flora Alice Colebank remembered him as almost always being a
part of their household. He died in 1939.

Lawrence Washington Colebank - born June 5, 1867 in
Dunkard Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania. He married
Laura McClain in 1923 in North Dakota. He died on July 30,
1924 on his honeymoon.      (See
Lawrence Washington Colebank page)


"THORNTON COALBANK, a farmer and stock-grower, born in West Virginia in 1821, is a son of
Samuel and Elizabeth (Everly) Coalbank, who were also natives of West Virginia, and of Welsh
and English extraction.  His father was a farmer all his life.  Thornton, the fifth in a family of eleven
children, remained on the farm with his parents until he reached his majority.  He received his
education in the district schools of West Virginia, and Greene County, Penn., where he has
resided since 1842.  Early in life he learned the shoemaker’s trade, which, in connection with
farming, he has followed through life, and has met with financial success, being at present the
owner of a valuable farm lying along the Monongahela River.  Mr. Coalbank has been twice
married, first in Greene County in 1846, to Miss Sarah Hartley, who died in 1875.  By this marriage
Mr. Coalbank was the father of eleven children, most of whom grew to maturity.  Ten years later
he married Miss Agnes, daughter of John and Susannah (Bright) Davis.  Mr. and Mrs. Coalbank
are leading members in the Baptist Church."

"History of Greene County, Pennsylvania" by Samuel P. Bates, Page 639-640, Nelson, Rishforth
& Co., Chicago. 1888
Headstone of Thornton and Sarah Colebank in Fairview
(Photo courtesy of Dayna Choma Sullenberger)
Clark C. Colebank
Last Will and Testament of
Thornton Colebank (click to
Thornton Colebank
appointment as U.S.
Thornton Colebank Civil War draft registration
News blurb from the Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette of November 1, 1894, about
Thornton's first visit to the city in over 30 years. (Courtesy of Donna Summers)
News blurb from the Daily Courier of May 1, 1896. Thornton died within the
year.  (Courtesy of Donna Summers)