Victoria was an excellent student and she graduated as Valedictorian of
her class.  She attended Nebraska Christian College, Ozark Bible
College and graduated from the Midwestern School of Evangelism at
Ottumwa, Iowa in 1953.  At Ottumwa, Victoria met a fellow student, Fred
Hintz.  They were wed in the school chapel on August 20, 1953, with
Victoria's sister June and Fred's friend Daryl Lane as matron of honor
and best man.  June's husband Robert Blanshan performed the
Fred was ordained in the Church of Christ and held
ministries in Etterville, Missouri.  In 1957 Fred and Victoria
moved to the West Indies to serve as missionaries to
Jamaica.  In 1963, Fred left Victoria and his family, and
resigned from the ministry, then left Jamaica in 1965. He
now resides on the island of St. Thomas.
Victoria and their three children Fredrick (Fred), Elizabeth Jane (Jane) and
Alathia June remained in Jamaica, where Victoria's missionary activities
included teaching, training teachers, working with youth, music programs
and secretarial work.  She worked to establish the Church of Christ in
Mandeville and in the development of the Penwood Church in Kingston,
Jamaica.  She loved working with the Jamaican people and served as a
missionary for a total of 17 years.  
In 1974 Victoria found she had thyroid cancer and
shortly thereafter she and the kids moved back to
the States.  The cancer spread rapidly and within
a short time she had undergone four operations.  
The deadly cancer spread to her liver and Vickie
spent the few remaining months of her life in the
home of Harvey and Nancy Bacus in Joplin, her
long time friends and fellow missionaries in
Jamaica.  She died on June 9th, 1975 at the age
of 44.  She is buried in the Riverside Cemetery in
Madelia, Minnesota.  
Victoria was a tall, very intelligent woman who
showed leadership qualities early in life.  When she
started school she was placed in the second grade
because she was so far ahead of those in the first
grade.  Even though she was younger than her
fellow students, she graduated as valedictorian of
her Madelia H.S. class of about 50 kids.  She had
many talents, including painting, sewing, writing and
music. She had a beautiful singing voice and she
carried her auto harp with her back in the bush and
to many places where pianos were scarce.  She will
be remembered as a woman who surrendered her
life to God and accepted the often difficult road God
gave her to tread with grace and trust.
*Material for the biography above was taken from 'The Nasman Cousins' by family historian
Warren Colebank and from 'William Cunningham' by June Colebank Blanshan.
Vickie and Fred with children Jane and Fred Jr.
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