uncles Andrew and Elisha Colebank had homesteads in the Hixon area, too.
Bill and Minnie lived in the Hixon area for 3 decades. Bill died February 6, 1955 in Prince George, BC at the age of 73.
Minnie died the following year on May 25, 1956 in Prince George at the age of 74. Bill and Minnie are buried in the Prince
George Cemetery.

The children of Bill and Minnie Colebank were:

Hazel Belle Colebank - born November 28, 1905 in Baird, Nebraska. She married Olaf Johnson and they resided in
Hixon, BC. Hazel died in 1954 at age 49. She is buried in Abbotsford, BC, Canada.

Rupert Charles Colebank - born June 17, 1909 in Baird, Nebraska. He married Dorthy Garlick and they resided in
Quesnel, BC, Canada.  See
Rupert Charles Colebank page.

Delbert Samuel Colebank - born June 17, 1909 in Baird, Nebraska. He is buried in Quesnel, BC, Canada. See Delbert
Samuel Colebank page.

Marshal Lyman Colebank - born August 19, 1913 in Brocket, North Dakota. He married Ann Harter and they resided in
Salmon Arm, BC, Canada.

Mervin Earl Colebank - born September 18, 1916 in Brocket, Newbre Township, Ramsey County, North Dakota. He
married Annie Mandruk and they resided in Summerland, BC, Canada.

Andrew Jackson Colebank - born September 19, 1919 in Brocket, Newbre Township, Ramsey County, North Dakota. He
married Mabel Ferguson and they resided in Falkland, BC, Canada.  (See
Andrew Jackson Colebank page)

Copied with permission from "From Whence Came the Colebanks" by Warren Colebank, copyright 1989, p. 322.

   William Andrew Colebank was the first of four
children born to Samuel G and Clara B Walker
Colebank. He was born on is parents farm on December
4, 1881 in rural Edina, Knox County, Missouri. William
(called Bill) was still a baby when his parents moved to
a farm near Stockville, Nebraska. Bill grew up and
attended grade school in rural Stockville.
   Bill and Minnie were married February 28, 1905 in
Colorado. Minnie Castor was the daughter of Mr and
Mrs Charles Castor, born M 25, 1882 in Wisconsin. Bill
and Minnie farmed in rural Baird, Nebraska where 3 of
their children were born. After their twin boys Delbert
and Rupert were born, Bill and his family moved to
Ramsey County, Newbre Township near Brocket, North
Dakota where his brother Marshal was farming. Their
last 3 children (Marshall, Mervin and Andrew) were born
   A year after baby Andrew was born Bill, Minnie and
family moved to Hixon, BC. Hazel was 15, the twins 11,
Marshall 7 and Mervin 4 years of age. Bill homesteaded
a farm next to his parents Sam and Clara Colebank. His
Minnie and granddaughter Joyce
Colebank Forde
William Andrew Colebank
Minnie Castor Colebank holding
unknown child
Hazel Colebank Johnson and her husband
Olaf and their children.